Finding a Supervisor

Applicants are expected to contact prospective supervisors at the time of application. Potential supervisors names must be listed within the application documents (in the applicant statement form).

The list below includes faculty who are actively recruiting students. Faculty members not listed here may also be interested in supervising graduate students. To find out about the research interests of all of our faculty members, please review our full faculty listing.

Abizaid, ChristianMA, PhDI am looking for students interested in joining my research program on rural livelihoods in the Peruvian Amazon. The program is divided into three projects that aim to understand: (1) livelihood responses to floods and river dynamics; (2) rural livelihoods and socioeconomic change and (3) social networks, rural life and livelihoods. Inquiries from motivated students with a suitable academic background, an interest in field-based work, working knowledge of Spanish and prior research/travel experience in Latin America are strongly encouraged. Students will be expected to seek additional external funding opportunities. Individuals with a broader interest on cultural/political ecology, rural livelihoods and their prospects for conservation and development, poverty alleviation and adaptation to environmental change in Latin America should also feel free to contact me. Please include a brief research statement, cv, and transcripts.
Adams, MatthewMSc, PhDDr. Adams is accepting motivated MSc and PhD students with interests in urban pollution and exposure. Students have the opportunity to include field work, analytical laboratory work, and computation in their research. Student research can occur in both social or natural sciences. Please visit Dr. Adams' webpage for further information.
Bathelt, HaraldMA, PhDI welcome applications by economic geography students interested in topics surrounding knowledge creation over distance; dynamics of industrial clustering; foreign-direct investments; or socioeconomic impacts of regional, industrial and institutional change. Information about my research can be found on my webpage.
Besco, LaurelMA, PhDI am actively recruiting students to engage in research broadly related to sustainability law and policy. Specifically, I am looking for students interested in studying 1) the role government intervention can play with regards to corporate norm creation, codification, and compliance or 2) policy options to engage the aviation sector in climate change action and/or the SDGs.
Brown, LauraMSc, PhDI am actively recruiting highly motivated MSc or PhD students who are interested in the cryosphere, with a particular focus on ice and snow. Research projects are currently underway in Central Ontario and Nunavut. Potential projects could involve field work and/or remote sensing and/or numerical modelling.
Buliung, RonPhDProfessor Buliung is currently looking for students with interests in the following topics: disability studies, traffic injury, child and youth geography, cycling. Students with a background in either qualitative or quantitative methods are welcome to apply.
Chen, JingMSc, PhDI am looking for MSc and PhD students to participate in NSERC and Canadian Space Agency projects on vegetation remote sensing and terrestrial carbon and water cycle modeling at regional and global scales.
Conway, TenleyMA, PhDI am looking to supervise one or two Masters or PhD students who are interested in environmental geography. Specifically, working on projects exploring (1) green infrastructure or urban forestry policy and management or (2) residents experiences, knowledge, attitudes and actions in relation to small-scale green infrastructure and yard trees. I consider these topics from a socio-ecological systems perspective, emphasizing interactions among different actors, in light of environmental change and justice considerations.
Duval, TimMSc, PhDUp to three funded graduate positions are needed to study urban stream-riparian corridors. Topics include groundwater-surface water interactions, in-stream nutrient processing, hyporheic exchange, sediment transport dynamics, riparian zone soil and nutrient dynamics, riparian carbon fluxes, stream sediment fingerprinting, and extreme event hydrology. Successful applicants will work with a network of professors, conservation authorities, municipalities, and the private industry to investigate the hydrology, biogeochemistry, and ecology of stream corridors in urban, suburban, and suburbanizing communities of southern Ontario. Funding is provided for conference travel and development workshop participation. Applicants should enjoy working outdoors and have a love of nature.
Ekers, MikePhDI am interested in how debates in political ecology, agrarian studies and social theory can help in understanding the making and contestation of different environmental landscapes. My current research focuses on the financialization of private forest land in British Columbia and ongoing Indigenous and settler opposition. I welcome inquiries from students interested in any of the areas noted above and that are keen to blend substantive qualitative and ethnographic research with different theoretical debates. I am on leave in 2020-2021 but would consider applicants if the fit is very good.
Farber, StevenPhDI am seeking applications for PhDs in Geography or Planning with interests in transportation, accessibility, spatial analysis, travel behaviour modelling, and transportation-land use interactions. I am also interested in social and economic analyses of emerging mobility technologies.
He, YuhongMSc, PhDFully-funded MSc and PhD positions are available in Professor Yuhong He's Remote Sensing and Spatial Ecosystem Modelling Laboratory in the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto. The candidates is expected to quantity vegetation properties and detect their changes in any of the following vegetative ecosystems (croplands, forests, or grasslands) by integrating lab/field observations, spaceborne and/or airborne images, and modelling. Qualifications: 1) sincere interest in remote sensing, 2) strong image processing and quantitative skills, 3) excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Applicants should send a letter of inquiry and curriculum vitae to Yuhong He ( Visit Prof. He's webpage.
Higgins, ChristopherMA, PhDI am currently accepting graduate students interested in topics such as: real estate, housing, and neighbourhood change; active mobility and accessibility in topographically-rich urban environments; and land use, transportation, and the spatial morphology of cities. Ideal candidates should have a background in GIS, spatial analysis, quantitative or econometric methods, as well as some experience (or willingness to learn) with R and/or Python.
Hunter, MarkMA, PhDI welcome applications from students working in the areas of education, health, gender, race, addiction, and development. My own work uses historical-ethnographical methods to explore the political economy of everyday life. My central concern is with how intimate politics—acts embedded in sexuality, friendship, families, and other bonds—are shaped by and shaping social and spatial inequalities. I have worked on education, HIV/AIDS, and sexuality, and am beginning a SSHRC-funded project on heroin addiction. For more information please visit my website.
Latulippe, NicoleMA, PhDResearch interests include the historic treaty relationship, including violations and obligations pertaining to lands, resources, and environment, including the city; ethical Indigenous and mixed research methodologies; Indigenous geographies (jurisdiction; place, space, land-based practices, ethics, agency of land, power and transformation...); and Indigenous knowledge, governance, and legal systems (water, fisheries, land management, etc.). Interested in working with students that have some experience in the Great Lakes region or Canada more broadly.
Lehnherr, IgorMSc, PhDI welcome motivated graduate (and undergraduate) students interested in physical geography, biogeochemistry and environmental science. My research aims to understand how environmental stressors, such as contaminants and climate change, impact aquatic ecosystems, particularly in the Canadian Arctic and boreal ecoregions. Current and potential projects include: i) impacts of climate change on mercury cycling and methylmercury production; ii) reconstructing long-term trends in atmospheric mercury using tree-rings, ice cores and sediment cores; iii) mercury and organic contaminant bioaccumulation in an estuarine foodweb in northern Labrador impacted by hydropower development; iv) quantifying ecosystem metabolism (primary production and respiration) in ice-covered lakes; and v) climate change impacts on lake and watershed biogeochemistry (carbon and nutrient cycling) in northern regions.
Liu, JaneMSc, PhDI welcome graduate students interested in studying environmental issues related to our atmosphere, biosphere, and/or interactions between them with advance methods in remote sensing and model simulations. I welcome inquires from self-motivated students with one or more backgrounds in geography, atmospheric science, environmental science, engineering, physics, mathematics, and other related disciplines. Please see my research interests on my website.
Maclaren, VirginiaMAI look forward to working with master's students who have interests in waste studies or discard studies. The research can focus on any type of waste (e.g. household waste, food waste, e-waste, textile waste, plastic waste).
Mitchell, CarlMScThe Mitchell Research Group has funded positions available for one MSc student interested in research at the interface of hydrology and contaminant biogeochemistry. If you are interested, please contact Professor Mitchell to discuss, directly at (416) 208-2744 or
Miron, JohnMA, PhDI am interested in how transportation within cities shapes, and is shaped by, the conduct of ordinary life (the life of production and the life of the family) in general, and the pursuit of the good life in particular. I welcome students interested in urban transportation who focus on (1) purposeful activity of individuals and organizations (e.g, households and firms) either in pursuit of the good life and other objectives or on (2) coping with transportation not well suited to them. I also welcome students interested in the design of transportation systems that might better enable ordinary life and the "good life".
Singh, NeeraMA, PhDI am recruiting MA and PhD students for a new research project on alternative approaches to ecological restoration. The project entitled, “Ecologies of Care: Forest Landscape Restoration in India” examines social and ecological outcomes of state-led afforestation programs in India and ongoing community-based and citizen-led approaches to ecological nurturance. While, my ideal student would be someone who is already embedded in activist-academic networks on Indigenous rights and environmental justice in India, I am equally enthusiastic about working with students who wish to explore decolonization of nature-people relations, alternatives to neoliberal conservation, revival of the commons, ecological care and affective ecologies in other parts of the world.
Robinson, JohnMA, PhDSeeking students interested in: Sustainable building design and operation – with a focus on the behavioural interface: building/inhabitant hybrids; The potential to create processes and activities that are net positive in biophysical and human terms at the building or urban scale; Tools and processes for community engagement; methods and theories of transdisciplinary co-production of knowledge; Transformative societal change at the urban scale; The role of the university as living lab and agent of change for sustainability
Wilson, KathleenMA, PhDI am recruiting students interested in the following areas of study: Indigenous mobility, wellbeing, access to services; newcomer health/access to services/integration/settlement; rise of chronic inflammatory conditions among South Asian populations