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Intersections Seminar Series: Arab Urbanism

March 12 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Poster for event: text over top of an image of people protesting. A drawn fist showing resistance emerges from the crowd. Urbanism and the Arab Revolutions 

2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of the Arab Spring, the anti-government protests that began in Tunisia and spread across much of the Arab world. The intersections speakers series at the department of Geography and Planning is happy to host an Arab Urbanism event reflecting on the urban transformation of Arab cities following revolutionary movements. Arab Urbanism editors, Deen Sharp and Dena Qaddumi, will be presenting their work on the topic (see details below) and Kanishka Goonewardena will be their discussant.

Please join us for this online event on Friday the 12th of March at noon (EST).

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/97946774030?pwd=WmI4aHZvdFJIVUVkYmVoN1ZnYWVJZz09

Meeting ID: 979 4677 4030

Passcode: 384655

About the Speakers

Beyond the Square: Ana min hunak [I Am From There] with Deen Sharp

In 2016 I published the co-edited book Beyond the Square: Urbanism and the Arab Uprisings that shifted attention away from the intersection of protest and public spaces of the metropolis, such as Tahrir Square, to the broader urban context in which the uprisings occurred. As revolts continue to erupt throughout the Arab region and beyond, the question of scale haunts both the practice and analyses of urban social movements. This presentation will ask, at what scale should we think of the Arab uprisings and urban social movements more broadly, and what tools geography provides us with thinking through this scalar challenge. How can we think of the place of protest beyond the square? I will draw on both my published work and projects on Lebanon and Syria that are in progress.

Deen Sharp, PhD, is an LSE Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science in Geography and the Environment. He was previously a Fellow at the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the co-director of Terreform, Center for Advanced Urban Research, and. He is the co-editor of Beyond the Square: Urbanism and the Arab Uprisings (Urban Research: 2016) and Open Gaza (American University in Cairo Press and Terreform: 2021).

The Other Avenue of Central Tunis with Dena Qaddumi

In Tunis, revolutionary practice is often associated with protest in the city center, on the promenade of Avenue Bourguiba. Yet, revolution permeates the city beyond protest and public space. This presentation will focus on another avenue in central Tunis, Avenue Mohamed al-Khamis. Featuring monumental architecture, this avenue was planned as an exemplification of the Tunisian [postcolonial] state and its vision for the urban development of Tunis. It is here that the new regime faces a glaring predicament after 2011: how to symbolically disentangle itself from the old regime while materially relying on its remnants.

Dena Qaddumi is a researcher in urban and architectural studies with a focus on post-coloniality, political geography, and Arab cities. She recently completed her PhD research on the materialization of revolution in Tunis at the University of Cambridge. She has worked in architecture, planning, and higher education in New York, London, Palestine, and Doha.


March 12
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Online – Zoom