Number of courses Courses FCEs
A: Any 2 GGR100H1, GGR101H1, GGR107H1, GGR112H1, GGR124H1 (or 1.0 other GGR courses with permission of Department) 1
B: Any 1 not used to satisfy A GGR100H1, GGR101H1, GGR201H1, GGR203H1, GGR205H1, GGR206H1, JGE236H1 0.5
C: All 3 GGR270H1, GGR271H1, GGR272H1 1.5
D: Any 1 GGR240H1, GGR246H1, GGR254H1, GGR341H1, GGR342H1, GGR343H1 0.5
E: Any 1 Any 400 series course from Group E (below) 0.5
F: Any 12 half courses or equivalent not used to satisfy E or D Up to 6.0 FCE’s from Group E (below); Up to 1.5 FCE’s may be from Group F 6
Note: At least 4.0 FCEs must be 300/400 series courses. Of these, at least 1.0 FCE must be 400 series.
Total 10