Departmental Exam Request Form

Exam Date: (Firefox and IE browsers date format 2018-01-01)

Exam Type:
Master’s ThesisMaster’s MRPPhD ComprehensivePhD ProposalPhD Dept Defense

Convocation Requested: (Master’s students only)

NovemberMarch (in absentia)June

The Examination committee shall consist of (1) the supervisor and co-supervisor (if applicable), (2) one departmental faculty member, (3) graduate faculty member from any graduate department. If you have co-supervisors you are required to have a minimum of two additional members. For PhD students, the examiners should be the same as your supervisory committee.

Thesis distribution:
The student must submit the thesis to their examination committee and to the graduate office a minimum of 2-4 weeks prior to the exam. If the thesis is not received at least 2 weeks in advance, the graduate office will cancel the examination.

I confirm that thesis has already been submittedI confirm that I will submit the thesis as specified above at least 2 weeks prior to the exam