The Past & the Future

Serving the University for over 35 years, the GIS and Cartography Office has been the site for production of some 15 atlases, and hundreds of other mapping projects of all descriptions.

In 1991, the transition to high-quality computerized cartographic capability took place for the production of Volume II of the Historical Atlas of Canada.

Today we provide a variety of consulting and production services in support of teaching, for research projects, as well as for publishing ventures. The office has also been active in pioneering interactive mapping projects on the Internet, including the Historical Atlas of Canada Online Learning Project – see other projects on our Collaborative Research Projects page.

A variety of GIS, mapping and graphics software are in use, on desktop workstations and servers. The department is the lead participant in the University-wide site license for ESRI GIS products (ArcGIS). Licences for GIS and related software such as Mapinfo, Autocad, and GRASS are also supported. For more details, see our departmental computing page.