Landmarks: the journal of undergraduate geography

TUGS and the Department of Geography and Planning are proud to publish an annual issue of Landmarks: The Journal of Undergraduate Geography. This student managed publication features some of the outstanding work submitted by our undergraduate students across four disciplines of geography: Human, Environmental, Physical, and Geographic Information Systems. For more information visit the Landmarks website:

Landmarks – Volume 1 | Fall 2015
Landmarks – Volume 2 | Fall 2016
Landmarks – Volume 3 | Fall 2017
Landmarks – Volume 4 | Fall 2018
Landmarks – Volume 5 | Fall 2019

2018-2019 Editorial Board

Aisha Assan-Lebbe
Kathleen Dervenis
Gregory Diebold
Lucy Fang
Pritha Karmaker
Lexie Kelly
Travis Van Wyck
Sharon Wong
Hudson Yuen



Look for calls for the 2019-2020 Editorial Board and Article Submissions in October 2019. 

 For more information contact and visit the ‘Contribute‘ page on the Landmarks website.