Business Services

Contract Templates:

  1. Graduate Research Trainee (Fellowship) contract – please see Business Officer
  2. USW casual offer letter template – please see Business Officer
  3. Postdoctoral Fellow Contract – please see Business Officer

Tax Forms:

Payroll Forms:

Financial Forms:

  1. Expense Reimbursement Form
  2. Expense Reinbursement Information For Visitors
  3. Honorarium Form
  4. Missing Receipt
  5. Request for Accountable Advance
  6. Accountable Advance Settlement
  7. Instructions on how to complete the Accountable Advance Settlement Form
  8. Small Suppliers Certification


A FOB is an electronic key that provides current Geography Department students, staff and faculty members, 24-hours access to the Sidney Smith building and tower.

To obtain your FOB:

–     Email your full name, student number and program (master, PhD, Postdoc, etc.) to reception,

–     Await notification by email when you can pick up the FOB from the Geography main office.

–     Please bring $20 cash (this is a refundable deposit)