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An app that examines COVID-19 Neighbourhood Vulnerability: Geography student Cathy Yang and her teammates win the Esri Canada App Challenge for their timely project ‘reCOVer’

          Picture of Cathy Yang and her teammates Tia Datta and Chloe Nguyen, (image source: Congratulations to geography undergraduate student Cathy Yang and her teammates Tia Datta and Chloe Nguyen for winning first place in the Esri Canada Centres of Excellence (ECCE) App Challenge! Under the name QuaranTEAM, the group […]

Professor Matti Siemiatycki comments on the future of public transit – CBC Toronto

“Public transit has been identified as a location where there’s going to need to be extreme care,” said Matti Siemiatycki, an urban planning professor at the University of Toronto. “The key is that there’s going to be enough service that people can continue to use transit and that the service is provided safely.” To read […]

GGAPSS Fundraiser ends May 31st – thank you for all donations

A message from our Graduate Student Association, GGAPSS, regarding the COVID-19 Emergency Student Fund:  The Graduate Geography and Planning Student Society (GGAPSS) would like to thank faculty and staff for their generosity in supporting the GGAPSS Emergency Student Fund. As of this morning, we have raised $4,350 with your contributions. With additional thanks to the […]

Most Likely To… Plan a Successful Zoom Graduation! MScPl students share the story of their online celebration

                        When the COVID-19 outbreak was officially declared a global pandemic, one of the first things we began to see in Toronto was the cancellation of events. One by one our workshops, lectures, and meetings were postponed indefinitely, or, eventually, shifted to an online format. […]

A&S economic geographer Jun Zhang on what’s in store for China, global economy – Arts & Science News

May 5, 2020 by Jovana Jankovic – A&S News How have different economies around the world responded to the COVID-19 pandemic? What are the effects on local and global markets, and how will manufacturing, supply chains and trade fare? Arts & Science spoke to Jun Zhang, an associate professor in the Department of Geography & Planning in the Faculty […]

Professor Michael Widener writes on the role social sciences will playing during and after the COVID-19 Crisis

Professor Michael Widener writes for University College News: “However, for many of us, our health will not be directly harmed by the virus. This does not mean we are in the clear. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on social and economic systems and we are only beginning to see the repercussions of this disruption. In order […]

Donate to the GGAPSS Emergency Student Fund

GGAPSS is raising money to support graduate students in the Department of Geography and Planning who are facing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. Donations to this fund go directly toward helping current geography and planning students—100% of your gift will reach students in need through GGAPSS emergency bursaries. To donate now or learn […]

Bousfield Researcher Jay Pitter argues for an equity-based understanding of urban density during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond for AZURE Magazine

Jay Pitters writes: “By sharing research and personal experiences revealing long-standing and current coronavirus health disparities agitated by urban density, I’m not taking an anti-density stance. As urbanists, we should critique the things we feel most passionate about to achieve urban equity and design excellence – in that order. In addition to public health, urban […]

Professor and Graduate Chair Ron Buliung discusses accessibility, health, and lessons to be learned from the pandemic for UTM News

“As someone who has devoted time to studying things such as telecommuting, Buliung notes that the idea of telework or working from a distance predates even the telegraph – it’s all about communication, he says. Now, we are seeing the full weight of modern information and communication being brought to bear in an unexpected socio-technical […]

Professor Matti Siemiatycki comments on the likely impacts of COVID-19 on summer life in Toronto for CP24 News

“Whether it’s at sporting events or whether it’s at local festivals, there’s going to be a whole rethink – in the short term, at least – of how we engage and how we’re able to come together. And that has many implications for how our communities are stitched together and the commercial (and) financial dimensions […]