GIS in Geography at U of T

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing at U of T

Geographic Information Systems and Science teaching and research are well-represented in the Department of Geography and Planning at all three campuses of U of T. Some of this activity is summarized within the following links to people, programs and facilities:

Undergraduate GIS

Geography and Planning at the St. George Campus offers a Minor in Geographic Information Systems which combines introductory GIS and Mapping courses, as well as more advanced 3rd and 4th year studies offering students the choice of branching out in different directions. At UT Mississauga, the Department of Geography, Geomatics and Environment offers coursework using GIS in their regular BA and BSc programs, but also Major and Minor programs in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), which are closely integrated with the spectrum of Environment programs. The Department of Human Geography at UT Scarborough offers a Minor Program in Geographic Information Science providing introductory and advanced courses as part of its Cities Studies and Geography programs as well as to students from across the social, physical and earth science departments.

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Graduate Studies

Graduate students may choose to focus on Spatial Information Systems in their studies, which include the following areas of study: Remote Sensing; Geographic Information Systems; Simulation Modelling; Computer Cartography; Quantitative Methods, Spatial Statistics and Qualitative GIS. All three campuses are homes for faculty and research labs through which graduate studies may be pursued. If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree using GIS methods, consider contacting some of the following faculty to learn more about their current research projects:

Ron Buliung, Professor, UT Mississauga (Transportation geography, population health and urban design)
Jing Chen, Professor , UT St George (Remote sensing research, biogeochemical and hydrological Modelling)
Tenley Conway, Associate Professor, UT Mississauga (Land use/land cover modelling)
Steven Farber, Assistant Professor, UT Scarborough (Transportation geography and spatial analysis)
Yuhong He, Associate Professor, UT Mississauga (Environmental remote sensing)
John Miron, Professor, UT Scarborough (Migration and regional economic growth)
Alan Walks, Associate Professor, UT Mississauga (Urban economic restructuring and social polarization)
Michael Widener, Assistant Professor, UT St George (Health and transportation geographies, spatial optimization)

GIS Labs and Facilities

The Research Groups and Labs page, elsewhere on this site, also features a number of labs doing GIS-based analysis as part of their ongoing funded research activities.

All three campuses also offer computer lab facilities for GIS and related work.