COVID-19 Update: Contacts & Resources

The Department of Geography & Planning is closed to in-person traffic until further notice. Office hours remain in effect: Monday-Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. Our staff are working remotely and can assist you by email. Please see the contact list below.

Please refer to the following links for important information and updates:

Latest Updates from the University of Toronto

Latest updates from the University of Toronto: HR & Equity

Faculty of Arts & Science Information and FAQs for Undergraduate Students

Departmental FAQs for Graduate Students 

Mental Health Resources

Academic & Administrative Staff Contact Information

The main office line 416-978-3375 voice mails will be screened
periodically throughout the day to ensure that telephone inquiries are

If you have any question or concerns please contact:

For Academic HR and faculty questions please contact:

For general inquiries or booking related questions please contact:

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