Collaborative Research Projects

Historical Atlas Online Learning Project
This project, based on data from the Historical Atlas of Canada published volumes, puts Canadian historical research into an interactive mapping interface. Supported by royalties from the original volumes and the Provost’s Instructional Technology Courseware Development Fund, the project continues to be under development and pursuing funding opportunities.

REED Records of Early English Drama Web-based mapping and database
Part of the long-term REED project centred at the Department of English at Victoria University, an interactive mapping web site of places and routes used by troupes of players in medieval England was developed as a front end to the REED database pilot project page. A collaboration with the U of T Library. Supported by SSHRC as well as a variety of University sources.

CCRI Canadian Century Research Infrastructure – University of Toronto Team
This project, funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and provincial agencies including the Ontario Innovation Trust, involves teams from seven universities across Canada, as well as public and private sector partners. Carl Amrhein from Geography, and Charles Jones and Lorne Tepperman from Sociology, are co-P.I.s. The GIS and Cartography Office coordinated reconstruction of historical census boundaries to support mapping and analysis for this project. Map files in PDF form, as well as GIS shape files are now available for download.

GEORIA Georeferenced Databases for Accessing Historical Data
This project, funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Innovation Trust, developed a GIS of historical infrastructure and data related to health and the environment. The GIS and Cartography Office assisted in developing a database and an interactive mapping website for this project.

NEPTIS Foundation – The Architecture of Urban Regions
An ongoing research and service relationship with the NEPTIS Foundation was established in 1999, and Portrait of the Greater Toronto Area: The NEPTIS Foundation Study (2000) was its first product. A GIS database centred around urban planning themes supports continuing research.