GIS & Cartography Office Data Collection

Listing of major collections of GIS data available through the GIS and Cartography Office.

Neptis Foundation Geospatial Data Collection on Urban Issues

Starting in 1999, the GIS and Cartography Office in the Department of Geography and a number of faculty members at the University of Toronto have collaborated with the Neptis Foundation to conduct research on urban growth management issues in the Toronto region. The foundation has funded a number of research studies and published findings in a variety of formats including research reports, technical papers, policy commentaries, maps, posters and seminars.  The research collaboration has resulted in an extensive and rich collection of geospatial data related to urban phenomena in the Toronto region and beyond this study area where regional comparisons have been conducted.  Much of the data collection has been standardized for use outside its intended projects and is available to students, staff and faculty at the University of Toronto.  As the research and process of standardization continues, the collection will expand.

All GIS data are stored as ArcGIS feature classes in geodatabases, or as ESRI Shape files. Imagery is stored as either a georeferenced JPEG or TIFF file.

Canadian Century Research Infrastructure Data Sets

This project, funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and provincial agencies including the Ontario Innovation Trust, involved teams from seven universities across Canada, as well as public and private sector partners. Carl Amrhein from Geography, and Charles Jones and Lorne Tepperman from Sociology, were co-P.I.s. The GIS and Cartography Office coordinated reconstruction of historical census boundaries to support mapping and analysis for this project. Maps of these boundaries are available through the above link. The GIS data layers, showing census subdivisions for Canada for each of the censuses between 1911 and 1951, are available upon request. Email:

GEORIA – Georeferenced Databases for Assessing the Historical Conditions of Health and the Environment

This project, funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Innovation Trust, developed a GIS of historical infrastructure and data related to health and the environment. The Cartography Office assisted in developing a database and an interactive mapping website for this project. Data are available for research and teaching purposes, upon request.