About Us

The St. George undergraduate program offers both BA and BSc degrees. Currently there are over 3000 undergraduate students enrolled in more than 70 geography courses on the St. George campus. The graduate program involves faculty members from all three campuses and offers MA, MSc, and PhD degrees in Geography and MScPl and PhD degrees in Planning. There are over 200 graduate students in the department, split almost evenly between Geography and Planning programs.


Geographers study the spatial dimensions of human and biophysical activity.  To do so, we use and draw together approaches from across the social sciences, physical sciences and humanities.  Our Geography programs reflect the diversity of the field, which we we see as a source of intellectual excitement and strength. Taken together, research and teaching in Geography offers a unique perspective for understanding past and present social, economic, and environmental problems.  At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, students have the opportunity to explore the sub-fields of Urban, Economic, Cultural, Historical, Health, Environmental, Physical and Social Geography as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

What kinds of learning and research do Geographers at the University of Toronto engage in?  Some of the issues that our students and faculty members are currently investigating include climate change, migration and immigration, local food, bioenergy, urban sustainability, biogeochemical modeling, gender and sexuality, innovation, green buildings, Aboriginal health, militarism and security, global cities  and active transportation. For more topics, visit recent publications by faculty and graduate students


Planners help local and regional communities to envision their future and to find ways to get there.  Planning at the University of Toronto offers both professional (MScPl) and academic degrees (PhD).  What kinds of topics do our students and faculty members study?  They are wide-ranging and cover urban, environmental, economic, social and urban design aspects of planning.  For a list of recent professional Master’s reports and PhD theses by students and for publications by faculty, see recent publications.