Congratulations to Neil Nunn, winner of a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to be a visiting scholar with Professor Nik Heynen in the Geography Department at the University of Georgia

He has recently published a paper in Antipode:

Toxic Encounters, Settler Logics of Elimination, and the Future of a Continent, Antipode 2018 pp. 1–19

This paper engages the relationship between toxic geographies and settler colonialism. By bringing to light larger structures and histories that underpin the settler colonial project, I examine a series of toxic encounters and consider the racialised hegemonic narratives that enable the production toxicity. Among these is a methylmercury contamination in Northern Ontario, just upstream from Grassy Narrows First Nation, and a cluster of toxic conversations that bled through social media in the wake of the murder of Colten Boushie, a 22‐year‐old Cree man in Saskatchewan, Canada. I argue that examining the normative ideologies, settler narratives, and socio‐political structures that are involved in the production of toxicity provides valuable insight into the diffuse and relational colonial logics that define the lives that are privileged as the standard, and those that fall outside the regulatory category of the Human, and as a result, are subject to elimination.
Toxic Encounters, Settler Logics of Elimination, and the Future of a Continent. Available from: [accessed Jul 05 2018].