Congratulations to all graduates – a message from the chair




















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To the 2020 class of graduates from the Department of Geography & Planning, my colleagues and I would like to offer you a heartfelt congratulations. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that the world around us is very complex and becoming more so with each passing day. As geographers and planners, we understand that the current geography of biophysical and social well-being represents the outcome of myriad social and physical processes, and that planning for the future, and dealing with the past, requires a comprehensive understanding of these physical and social systems, and their evolution. Geographers and planners have the skills and the perspective necessary to appreciate and understand these complexities and to bring that to bear on future resource allocation decisions in all aspects of life. The world needs more geographers and planners and I feel especially proud of the fact that the Department of Geography & Planning at the University of Toronto has helped create what I believe will be an impactful group of graduates with the potential to do great things, and to make the world a better place for all. Again, congratulations to all of you. Please do keep in touch with the department as you move on to the next stages of your life.