CONGRATULATIONS Deb Cowen – Recipient of the 2016 IPS Book Award for The Deadly Life of Logistics: Mapping Violence in Global Trade

International Studies Association – International Political Sociology 2016 Book Award
The Deadly Life of Logistics: Mapping Violence in Global Trade (Minnesota University Press, 2014)
Deborah Cowen’s The Deadly Life of Logistics is one of the first critical approaches to the logistical industries that are so prevalent throughout the world and that so extensively shape our global economies. It is intensively researched and very compelling in its weaving of political economy and the economies of violence and protest. Writing beautifully and with obvious passion and commitment, Cowen excavates the links between war and trade and capital and coercion, without ever losing sight of the fragile human bodies whose labor and resistance is ultimately the underlying force injecting value into the work of moving cargo across the seas. Drawing on insights from International Political Sociology, Geography, Political Economy, and Security Studies, while simultaneously challenging arbitrary disciplinary boundaries, this unique study carves out a complex and crucial field of research — supply chain security — and makes a unique contribution that powerfully combines theoretical and empirical insights. It will undoubtedly shape future investigations into the complexity of our logistical world.