Congratulations: Emily Gilbert awarded a Jackman Humanities Institute Research Fellowship for 2017-18

The fellowship will release her from teaching for the year and allow her to concentrate on her proposed research program, entitled Reparations and Reconciliation: From Accounting to Accountability?

The research explores two contexts in which monetary compensation has been paid out after violence: first, the turn towards creating special funds for the victims of terrorism, eg as part of the UN’s Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (2006); and second, the cash payments that are being disbursed in the ‘war on terror’ when a civilian is ‘inadvertently’ injured or killed as a result of military actions, or when property damage is incurred. Monetary payments usually are made with no recognition of legal liability. In fact, the making of payment may precisely be used to refuse liability. While there is some accounting for harm, there is no accountability. These issues will be taken up with respect to state reparations, eg with respect to Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the demands for “reparations for past and continuing harms” made by Black Lives Matter.