Deborah Cowen co-authors an op-ed arguing against the Trans Mountain project – Toronto Star

Matti Siemiatycki’s Op-ed in the Toronto Star : Evidence-based planning in Toronto is dead

Op-ed by Matti Siemiatycki on the lack of the evidence based urban planning in Toronto, and the prevalence of politically motivated projects and studies.

The system set up to guard against politically motivated boondoggles has gone awry…

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Andre Sorensen in the U of T News on why a proposed LRT is the real city-building opportunity for Scarborough

Plans for the proposed subway extension along the McCowan corridor to the Scarborough Town Centre city launched a rigorous debate. On Tuesday, city council voted to take the next steps in designing the extension. Andre Sorensen, chair of the department of human geography at U of T Scarborough, tells us what’s at stake and the best route forward.

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Ron Buliung: Improving accessibility for children on the move -A View to the U: An eye on UTM research Podcast

Professor Ron Buliung from U of T Mississauga’s Department of Geography is a transportation geographer who is working towards improving access to transportation and education for children with disabilities.

In the News : Matti Siemiatycki weighs in on the shifting role of the Canadian infrastructure bank

Questions loom over Canada’s new infrastructure bank

Matti is quoted in the following news items:

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Matti Siemiatycki offers solutions to limit big infrastructure projects from going over budget in the Metro News

Why big infrastructure projects always go over budget — and what to do about it
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Professor John Robinson and Kimberley Slater (PhD candidate) want students on U of T campuses to become “living labs” for sustainability research – U of T News

Professor John Robinson is U of T’s first-ever presidential adviser on the environment, climate change and sustainability.
Kimberley Slater, a PhD candidate in human geography catalogued recycling, garbage and compost bins at three U of T buildings and studied waste disposal habits.
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Matti Siemiatycki quoted in the CBC News: Metrolinx to consider transit fares based on distance travelled

Fare-by-distance only 1 of several ideas to integrate fares across the region.

An argument for fare-by-distance:
Matti Siemiatycki, who teaches geography and planning at the University of Toronto, thinks fare-by-distance pricing has benefits ..
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Emily Gilbert in the U of T News on President Donald Trump’s first week in office

U of T News spoke with Emily Gilbert, an associate professor of geography and planning and Canadian studies in the Faculty of Arts & Science, about the implications of these executive orders and how Canada will be affected by these sweeping changes.

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Michael Widener interviewed by The National on CBC – Dementia risk linked to living close to high-traffic roads

A study in the Lancet by Ontario researchers points to a link between dementia and living close to major roadways:

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