Professor Matthew Adams discusses his urban air pollution research

“I look at how different aspects of urban mobility change our exposure to air pollution.” (UTM News)

Toward a City Without Barriers: Prof. Ron Buliung describes how his daughter Asha’s life with a wheelchair profoundly changed him – and his research

Alemu Gonsamo remarks on a research project – Researchers use 36 years of bike race footage to illustrate Belgium’s changing climate – CBC

An Eye on UTM Research – Tenley Conway: Seeing the Urban Forest for the Trees

Thembela Kepe responds to the death of the anti-apartheid activist and politician – CBC radio: Here and Now

Ron Buliung studies kids’ school transportation habits – UofT News

Paul Hess spoke to CBC Metro Morning about street design and pedestrian safety in Toronto

After four pedestrians died in Scarborough late September, Paul Hess spoke to Metro Morning about street design and pedestrian safety in Toronto.


Jason Hackworth interview in the Detroit Journalism Cooperative: Detroit is razing thousands of homes. It won’t fix much…

An Ohio native, Jason has studied extensively studied Detroit’s abandonment, finding that no other Rust Belt city in the United States has experienced such wide-scale demolition.

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Post Doctoral Fellow Max Hartt speaks about how population change shapes communties on CBC radio

The future of communities ..

Listen/read the interview (Does not play on mobile devices)

Romila Verma interviewed in the Province News – ‘Water, water everywhere,’ but is it safe to drink?


In the years before Romila Verma dedicated her life to water, it could have killed her…

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