In the News : Matti Siemiatycki weighs in on the shifting role of the Canadian infrastructure bank

Questions loom over Canada’s new infrastructure bank

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Professor John Robinson and Kimberley Slater (PhD candidate) want students on U of T campuses to become “living labs” for sustainability research – U of T News

Professor John Robinson is U of T’s first-ever presidential adviser on the environment, climate change and sustainability.
Kimberley Slater, a PhD candidate in human geography catalogued recycling, garbage and compost bins at three U of T buildings and studied waste disposal habits.
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Professor Ron Buliung in the UTM News on examining school transportation challenges for children with disabilities

An inspiring scholarly and personal story on Ron’s SSHRC grant that examines school transportation challenges for children with disabilities.

With help from a new grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, funding from the Norman Saunders Complex Care Initiative at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, and funds from UTM’s Research and Scholarly Activity Fund (RSAF) Buliung and his Ph.D. student Timothy Ross will document the complex process families confront to get their children with disabilities to school.

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In the Media : Matti Siemiatycki – On Infrastructure spending in Ontario on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Ontario has launched an ambitious $130 billion infrastructure spending program. The Agenda talks to University of Toronto professor Matt Siemiatycki about how the money will be spent and what benefits and pitfalls may lie ahead.

Congratulations: Professor Emeritus Ian Burton awarded the Laureat d’Honneur 2016 from the International Geographical Union for his pioneering work on the understanding of disasters.

This prestigious award was established to recognize individuals who have achieved particular distinction or who have rendered outstanding service in the work of the IGU or in international geography and environmental research. Professor Burton’s contributions to disaster risk and climate change research from a geographical perspective have made an indelible mark on several generations devoted to their study, in both the developing and developed worlds. He has been a leader in establishing theoretical frameworks and methodologies within the international area of environmental risk assessment climate, resilience adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development. His innovative contributions in disaster risk reduction and management across scales have provided clear paths for the transition from theory to practice.

Alan Walks in the Toronto Star speaking to gentrification “Hidden Pockets of Gentrification…”

The hidden pockets in Toronto where gentrification is really happening

Ted Relph, Emeritus Professor in the National Post – How E.C. Relph took stock of urban planning’s unprecedented international boom

In the late 1940s, not long after the end of the Second World War, the profession of town planning experienced an unprecedented international boom.

E.C. Relph, a University of Toronto professor of geography, surveyed the results of this boom in an ambitious and intelligent book, The Modern Urban Landscape: 1880 to the Present (Johns Hopkins University Press). It appeared three decades ago and has now been re-published with Relph’s new preface.

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Tammara Soma on CTV Your Morning – Canadians are wasting tons of groceries as lineups to food banks grow

To help shed some light on how Canadians could do more to help curb food waste, food and social justice advocate Tammara Soma sat down with Your Morning host Anne-Marie Mediwake. Among other things, she recommends not buying items in bulk at the grocery store, and learning how to cook.

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Nathan Stewart (MScPl candidate) in the U of T News – U of T students tackle climate change in Southeast Asia

Stewart is part of a team of researchers participating in the Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia (UCRSEA) Partnership, a collaboration between academics in Canada and four Asian countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

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Michael Widener profiled in the UofT News – Mapping the city: Busting conventional wisdom on food deserts

Mapping the City is an ongoing series on the stories we can tell about people and places in Toronto through maps created by University of Toronto students and faculty.
In the fourth instalment, U of T News writer Romi Levine profiles the work of Michael Widener.

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