Instructions for Presenters, Session Chairs, and Posters

Presenter Instructions

  • Each presenter is allotted 20 minutes for presentation and questions (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions), unless a special session chair has specified otherwise.
  • Please bring your PowerPoint presentation on a USB stick to your designated presentation room 10 minutes before the scheduled start of your presentation.
  • A digital projector will be provided in each meeting room

Session Chair Instructions

  • Arrive in the session room at least 15 minutes in advance of the beginning of the session.
  • Presenters must furnish their own computers/laptops. For expediency, it may work best if one presenter allows their laptop to be used for the entire session.
  • Introduce presenters by name, affiliation, and title of presentation at the start of each presentation.
  • Ensure that each participant starts on time and ends on time. Each presenter has 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for the question period, unless a special session chair has specified otherwise. It is the responsibility of the Session Chair that the session finishes on time.
  • Time cards will be provided in each session room. Chairs are responsible for providing presenters with time warnings.
  • Encourage questions, discussions, comments and interaction among the participants given the time limit.
  • If a participant does not attend their allocated presentation time, the chair is responsible for ensuring the proper schedule is followed to accommodate all attendees. The missing presenter’s time will become a 15 minute break and the session will pick up with the next presenter.

Additional Notes:

Each presentation room is equipped with a data projector, screen, and wireless Internet access.

Conference volunteers will be circulating to provide assistance throughout the presentation slots.

Poster Presentations

  • The title of the abstract, followed by the name and affiliation of all authors listed on the abstract should be at the top of the poster, with the name of the presenting author underlined. Please also include an e-mail address for the corresponding author.
  • Poster contents generally include an introduction, objectives, methodology, results, conclusions, bibliography, and acknowledgements, including the source of funding for the study. Please use a font size that is legible from a distance.
  • Posters must not exceed 48” x 36”

Poster board and pins will be provided on site.