Amrita Daniere Home Page

Co-Director of the Urban Climate Resilience in South East Asia Partnership (UCRSEA)

Ph.D. Harvard University (1990) – “Determinants of Housing Demand and Tenure Choice in Cairo and Manila”
M.P.P. Harvard University (1984) – Public Policy

Department of Geography and Planning
University of Toronto
Room 5063, Sidney Smith Hall
100 St. George St.
Toronto, ON M5S 3G3
phone: (416) 978-3236
fax: (416) 978-6729

Research Endeavors

My most recent work, with Professor Michael Douglass at the University of Hawai’i, looks at the relationship between social capital, urban governance and civic spaces in Asian cities. We have recently published a co-edited book, The Politics of Civic Space in Asia: Building Urban Communities (Routledge, 2009), which includes chapters on Thailand, Viet Nam, Nepal, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Infrastructure provision in developing-country megacities including water and sanitation services, housing, solid waste collection and disposal, and transportation. Much of my published work in this area was funded by a research grant, for which I was the co-principal investigator with Professor Randall Crane of UCLA, from the University of California’s Pacific Rim Research Program.

Development and implementation of policy and planning from a political-economy perspective in third world urban areas. I and a co-author (Lois Takahashi from the University of California, Los Angeles) have recently published a book (Ashgate, 2002) entitled Rethinking Environmental Management in the Pacific Rim: Exploring Local Participation in Bangkok, Thailand, based on our ongoing research together in Thailand on environmental policy and planning, especially at the community level. The research was funded primarily by a Pacific Basin Research Center grant from Soka University.

I have also studied the relevance of social networks to environmental policy design and implementation and how knowledge regarding networks and community perceptions might be incorporated into environmental management and governance of urban areas. This line of research has resulted in a number of papers, many co-authored with Professor Takahashi and Professor Jeff Carpenter (from Middlebury College).

Professional Affiliations