Your Place in PAC

Friends of Planning Fund

The Planning Alumni Committee (PAC) is a not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers from graduates of the Master of Science in Planning (MScPl) program who work to enrich the learning experiences of MScPl students.

The Planning Alumni Committee meets once a month throughout the academic year to ensure the success of our programming and initiatives such as the Mentorship Program, student learning modules and workshops, and our annual Spring Social. For certain larger-scale initiatives PAC forms standing subcommittees throughout the year.

As alumni of the MScPl program, you are part of our Planning Alumni Community. Members of the Community have supported our friendraising and fundraising efforts through different means and capacities, which include being a mentor to MScPl students, participating in student learning modules and workshops, spreading the word and attending our annual Spring Socials, and contributing to our Friends of Planning Scholarship Fund.

We understand that not every member of our Planning Alumni Community can attend our monthly meetings. There are many different ways to support PAC and MScPl students we strive to serve, and there is always a place for you in PAC!

If you want to get involve, please email


PAC Leadership Roles

All members of the Planning Alumni Committee are invested in our mission and the success of our programing and initiatives. PAC has different leadership roles through which various volunteers would provide stewardship and serve as a resource for specific areas.

PAC elects an individual to a two-year term as Vice-Chair followed by a two-year term as Chair. The individual is usually someone with extensive PAC experience including working on one or more sub-committees and/or initiatives. After the end of the two-year term, the Chairperson would continue serving as Past Chair for one year before becoming an emeritus Chair. The rest of the leadership roles, or “Point People”, are year-to-year positions.


2 year term, after term as Vice-Chair

·         Public face of Planning Alumni Community

·         Liaise with University: students, Department, Advancement, UTAGA, UTAA

·         Liaise with other alumni groups: Ryerson, York, Waterloo, etc.

·         Instigate call for agenda items and determine month’s meeting priorities

·         Chair monthly Committee meeting

·         Set annual strategic priorities and deliver Annual Report

·         Provide final sign off and support/troubleshoot with other exec members

·         Ensure succession planning is in place for various leadership roles


2 year term, succession to Chair

·         Coordinate monthly Committee meeting w Main Office: room, AV, dinner

·         Prepare and circulate monthly agenda and minutes to committee

·         Coordinate preparation of Annual Report, contribute to to strategic priorities

·         Coordinate annual update of PAC Policy Statement and Funding Priorities

·         Support and troubleshooting with other exec members

·         Gap-filler for Chair-assigned duties as requested



·         Take minutes at monthly meeting

·         Ensure Histories at a Glance are kept up to date

·         General housekeeping/spring cleaning of files in the Google Drive

·         Contribute facts and figures for Annual Report



·         Track PAC income and expenses in Operating Account

·         Help with administration of expense claims, as required

·         Monitor and encourage growth of Friends of Planning Scholarship Fund

·         Prepare annual budgets and financial reports for inclusion in Annual Report

Fundraising Lead


·         Oversee annual sponsorship campaign for Spring Social

·         Maintain records of past sponsorships

·         Identify new / potential Friends of PAC and sponsors

·         Maintain list of sponsors, identifying new/thematic ones year-to-year

Friendraising Lead


·         Oversee annual VIP invitations to Spring Social

·         Maintain and refresh Master Contact List of alumni, faculty, friends, including tracking VIP, mentors, speakers, award winners, potential future award winners etc.

·         Perform cross checks between Master List, social media groups, mailing-list

·         Identify new / potential Friends of PAC

·         Encourage growth of Friends of Planning Scholarship Fund

Alumni Engagement Lead


·         Identify and implement innovative and effective ways to engage alumni within and outside the Toronto region

·         Maintain and refresh Master Contact List of alumni, faculty, friends

·         Support alumni reunion efforts

·         Encourage growth of Friends of Planning Scholarship Fund

Events Coordinator


·         Recruit committee members to spearhead pizza talks, mixer, mentorship etc

·         Oversee logistical coordination of Spring Social

·         Recruit and oversee volunteers to assist at events (especially Spring Social)

Communications Lead


·         Oversee animation of online communities: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
(by supervising Digital Planning Community Animator RA student, if applicable)·         Maintain and refresh PAC website

·         Lead promotion campaigns for PAC events (especially Mixer and Socials)

Branding & Visualization Lead


·         Provide institutional knowledge on PAC’s branding and its implementation

·         Support volunteers on graphics and other visualization materials


1 year term

·         Institutional memory

·         Cheerleading and encouragement

·         Emergency gap-filler and band-aid applier, when asked

Shared responsibilities ·         Personal outreach to network for speakers, events, new members etc.

·         Attend and bring spirit to monthly meetings