PAC Scholarships

With the generous support of planning alumni and friends, PAC has established five scholarships for planning students.

University of Toronto Planning Alumni OGS Scholarship

This is an PAC-sponsored Ontario Graduate Scholarship that is awarded to a planning student with a minimum of an A- average.

Matthew Hanson Scholarship in Planning (2)

Matthew Hanson was a graduate of the Masters of Science in Planning class of 2004, a wonderful friend and colleague who touched the lives of so many people before his passing. To honour him, friends and family created this scholarship to recognize students in the Masters of Science in Planning program for their efforts and contribution to student life.

Friends of Planning Graduate Scholarship for Innovation (GSEF)

This award was created through the hard work and dedication of the Friends of Planning Alumni Committee, It is awarded annually, beginning 2010, to a student entering the second year of the Program in Planning who demonstrated, through their studies, volunteering and/or work experiences, innovative thinking and practice to plan for or promote planning among diverse communities.

Peter R. Walker First Year Planning Scholarship

Created through the efforts of the Planning Alumni Committee of the U of T Association of Geography Alumni and named for its key benefactor, this award is granted to students entering the second year of the M.Sc.Pl. Program. The recipients are individuals who have made significant contributions to planning practice through applied work and thus exemplify the “best all-round planner.”