PAC Positions

The following highlights some of the responsibilities associated with PAC positions.  All positions are voluntary.

The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected positions.  PAC elects an individual to a two-year term as Vice-Chair followed by a two-year term as Chair.  The individual is usually someone with extensive PAC experience including working on one or more sub-committees and/or initiatives.

Other PAC positions are filled in response to a request of interest from the Chair.  A position may be filled by one or more members depending on the position’s responsibilities and workload.  Where two or more members are involved a sub-committee is typically formed.  Standing sub-committees of PAC include the Creative Committee, the Sponsorship Committee and the Promotions Committee.

PAC members also volunteer for specific PAC-sponsored initiatives such as the Matthew Hanson Planning Opportunities Workshop, the Mentoring Program and the Internship Experience.


  • Lead PAC and identify initiatives where PAC can provide leadership.
  • Ensure sub-committees and initiatives are appropriately staffed.
  • Chair PAC meetings and attend sub-committee meetings, as required.
  • Liaise with the Program, Department and other stakeholders such as UTAGA.
  • Act as the co-ordinator of the Friends of Planning Spring Social.
  • Oversee the selection of the scholarship winners.
  • Ensure that succession planning is in place for the position and PAC in general


  • Act as Vice-Chair to PAC and cover Chair-assigned duties in Chair’s absence.
  • Act as adviser to all PAC positions.
  • Lead initiatives and sub-committees, as assigned.
  • Ensure that succession planning is in place for the position.


  • Provide timely and effective communication amongst PAC members.
  • Record and distribute PAC agendas and minutes in consultation with the Chair.
  • Ensure that an accurate member contact list is maintained.
  • Ensure that succession planning is in place for the position.

Venue Co-ordinator

  • Assist in the selection of a venue for the Friends of Planning Spring Social.
  • Arrange all details pertaining to the Spring Social as they relate to the venue (e.g. menu, setup, sound system and volunteers).
  • Keep accurate notes on the Spring Social event (e.g. sound levels, lighting, bar locations, table setup) so PAC can build upon successes and correct shortcomings.
  • Work closely with Department staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the Department is aware of any key decisions and has the approval of the Department Chair when necessary. This includes organizing the volunteer activities (e.g. students working the reception table) at the Spring Social.
  • Ensure that succession planning is in place for the position.

Speaker Co-ordinator

  • Secure a Featured Speaker for the Spring Social following consultation and approval by PAC.
    Act as the main PAC contact for the Featured Speaker and their staff.
  • Ensure that all necessary University and Department protocols are followed.
  • Ensure that a contract is drawn up (if required), approved by the Department and signed by the Featured Speaker.
  • Prepare a comprehensive speaker itinerary.
  • Make all of the necessary logistical arrangements and co-ordinate these efforts with Department staff.
  • Ensure that succession planning is in place for the position.

Promotions & Media Co-ordinator

  • Customize and implement a promotion strategy to ensure the Spring Social is marketed to a broad range of professionals through a variety of avenues.
  • Prepare text for correspondence and advertising material (e.g. ads, letters, e-blasts) associated with alumni and professional magazines, journals, web sites and newsletters.

Creative Co-ordinator

  • Work with the Sponsorship Co-ordinator and the Promotions & Media Co-ordinator to develop appropriate promotional material for the Spring Social such as letterhead, tickets, program and PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Explore new alternatives for dispersing information and promoting the Spring Social.
  • Ensure that succession planning is in place for the position.

Sponsorship Co-ordinator

  • Work with Department staff and the University’s Advancement Office to maintain a comprehensive database of firms that have sponsored previous Spring Socials.
  • Create a list of firms to be contacted about supporting the Spring Social, liaise with Advancement Office about identified firms, and assign firms to Sponsorship Committee members for contact.
  • Prepare sponsorship material for firms.
  • Ensure that succession planning is in place for the position.

Alumni Co-ordinator

  • Ensure timely and effective communication with Program alumni.
  • Co-ordinate the efforts of graduates from previous years who are willing to call members of their graduating class to encourage attendance at the Spring Social.
  • Identify and implement innovative ways to engage Program alumni.
  • Ensure that succession planning is in place for the position.


  • The number of members-without-portfolio is kept to a minimum as PAC members are expected to take an active role in either leading or assisting one or more of the sub-committees and/or PAC-sponsored initiatives.