2018 Fall Undergraduate Timetable

Important Dates:
  • F section courses run from September 6 – December 5
  • Last day to add or change F meeting section: September 19
  • Last day to cancel F section code courses without academic penalty: November 5
Examination Periods:
    Dec: Final examinations in courses with an F section code: December 8 – 21

Last updated September 7, 2018

Course Instructor Day & Time
GGR107H1F – Environment, Food and People S. Wakefield LEC0101: MO12-14 (+tutorial)
LEC9901: MO12-14 -online (+tutorial)
GGR112H1F – Geographies of Globalization, Development & Inequality S. Thapa-Bhattarai LEC0101: WE10-12 (+tutorial)
GGR124H1F – Cities and Urban Life D. Dupuy LEC2501: WE6-8
LEC5101: WE6-8 (+tutorial)
GGR203H1F – Introduction to Climatology L. Harvey LEC0101: MO10-11 WE12-14
GGR205H1F – Introduction to Soil Science C. Smith LEC5101: TU5-7
GGR206H1F – Introduction to Hydrology J. Chen LEC0101: TU12-2 (+Practical)
GGR240H1F – Geographies of Colonialism in North America M. Farish LEC0101: MO2-4 (+Tutorial)
GGR254H1F – Geography USA R. Lewis LEC0101: TU12-2
GGR270H1F – Introductory Analytical Methods M. Widener LEC0101: WE2-4 (+Tutorial)
GGR272H1F – Geographic Information & Mapping I K. Larsen LEC0101: TU10-12
GGR320H1F – Geographies of Transnationalism, Migration & Gender M. Bachour LEC0101: TH10-12
GGR321H1F – Indigenous Worlds, Worldviews and the Environment N. Singh LEC0101: TH3-5
GGR326H1-F – Remaking the Global Economy J. Zhang LEC0101: WE4-6
GGR327H1F – Geography and Gender D. Leslie LEC0101: MO2-4
GGR328H1F – Labour Geographies D. Leslie LEC0101: TU10-12
JGE331H1F – Resource and Environmental Theory (formerly GGR331H1) S. Prudham LEC0101: WE2-4
GGR334H1F – Water Resource Management R. Verma LEC0101: TH12-2
GGR336H1F – Urban Historical Geography of North America  R. Lewis  LEC0101: WE1-3
GGR337H1F – Environmental Remote Sensing J. Liu  LEC0101: MO10-12 (+Practicals)
GGR343H1F – The Changing Geography of China A. Boland  LEC0101: TH4-7
JGI346H1F – Urban Planning Process N. Adiv LEC0101: WE10-12
GGR347H1F – Efficient Use of Energy (formerly JGE347H1) D. Harvey LEC5101: WE5-8
GGR373H1F – Advanced Geographic Information Systems K. Larsen L0101: TU1-3 (+labs)
GGR390H1F – Field Methods J. Chen | J. Desloges  TBD
GGR400H1F – Special Topics in Geography I D. Cowen  LEC0101: TU5-7
GGR416H1F – Environmental Impact Assessment (formerly GGR393H1) A. Almas LEC5101: MO5-8
GGR421H1-F  –  Histories of Geographical Thought M. Farish LEC0101: TU1-3
GGR430H1-F – Geographies of Markets J. Zhang LEC0101: TU12-3
GGR431H1F – Regional Dynamics R. DiFrancesco LEC0101: TH12-2
GGR481H1F – Field Course in Environmental Geography S. Prudham LEC0101: FR12-2  (+Tutorial)
GGR482H1F – Toronto Field Course R. Lewis, P. Hess LEC5101: TH 5-7
GGR491Y1Y – Research Project Staff LEC0101:
GGR492H1F – Senior Practicum Staff LEC0101:
GGR492H1Y – Senior Practicum Staff LEC0101:
GGR492Y1Y – Senior Practicum Staff LEC0101:↓
GGR496H1F – Independent Research Staff LEC0101:
GGR497H1F – Independent Research Staff LEC0101:
GGR498H1F – Independent Research Staff LEC0101:
GGR499H1F – Independent Research Staff LEC0101:
GGR499H1Y – Independent Research Staff LEC0101: