Programs of Study

General Information

Geography students have the opportunity to pursue Specialist, Major and Minor programs in the following program areas, depending on the aspects of geography that interest them the most.

  1. Human Geography – Specialist, Major, Minor
    How do people use and experience the environments they live in?  What are the interrelationships between landscapes, places, people and nature?
  2. Environmental Geography – Specialist, Major, Minor
    What are the social, spatial and economic factors shaping the relationship between humans and the environment?
  3. Physical & Environmental Geography – Specialist, Major, Minor
    How do physical, chemical and biological processes shape the earth’s surface?
  4. Geographic Information Systems – Minor only
    How is spatial data organized, manipulated and mapped to answer specific geographic questions?
  5. Environment & EnergyMinor only (joint program with the School of the Environment)
    What are the scientific, technological, environmental and policy aspects of energy use and supply?
  6. Asian Geographies – Minor only (offered jointly with the National University of Singapore)
    This program represents a unique opportunity to study geography in a different cultural environment.  For more information, contact the Geography Undergraduate Office and the Centre for International Experience.

Our programs have limited enrolment that can only accommodate a limited number of students.  Admission will be based on one of the following:

  • Specialist: 0.5 GGR FCE’s at the 100 or 200 level with a final mark of 77% or 1.0 GGR FCE’s at the 100 and/or 200 level with a final mark of 70% in each course.
  • Major: 0.5 GGR FCE’s at the 100 or 200 level with a final mark of 73% or 1.0 GGR FCE’s at the 100 and/or 200 level with a final mark of 67% in each course.
  • Jointly-offered GGR courses will also be considered (e.g. JGI,  JGE).
    Achieving these marks does not necessarily guarantee admission to  the program in any given year

Double majors in Geography may only overlap 1.0 FCE.  Students combining any of our Minor programs with a Specialist/Major program would normally be allowed to overlap only 1.5 FCEs towards both programs. Students that choose to specialize or major in one of the three Geography programs cannot minor in the same program but may do so in another Geography program. Double minors can overlap 1.0 FCE.

Generally, students may only take 1.0 Independent Research Project FCE toward their program requirements.