Tim Duval, Assistant Professor


Home Campus:
U o f T Mississauga

PhD McMaster University (2010)

Other Degrees:
MSc York University (2005)
(Honours) BSc University of Toronto (2001)

Contact Information:

Phone: 905-569-4558
Office (UTM): DV 3265
Office (St. George): SSH 5023
Email: tim.duval@utoronto.ca

Research Interests:

  • Applied Ecohydrology
  • Wetland Hydrology and Biogeochemistry
  • Catchment Hydrology and Biogeochemistry
  • Stream and Wetland Restoration
  • Forest Disturbance and Stream Water Quality
  • Urbanization and Water and Solute Cycling

Teaching This Academic Year:

GGR217: Fundamentals of Hydrology (Winter 2015)

Selected Publications:

 Refereed Articles

  • Duval, T.P. and Waddington, J.M., 2012. Landscape and weather controls on fine-scale calcareous fen hydrodynamics. Hydrology Research, 43 (6): 780-797. doi: 10.2166/nh.2011.127.
  • Duval, T.P., Waddington, J.M., and Branfireun, B.A., 2012. Hydrological and biogeochemical controls on plant species distribution in calcareous fens.  Ecohydrology, 5(1):73-89, doi:10.1002/eco.202.
  • Duval, T.P. and Waddington, J.M., 2011. Extreme variability of water table dynamics in temperate calcareous fens: Implications for biodiversity. Hydrological Processes, 25(24): 3790-3802, doi:10.1002/hyp.8109.
  • Waddington, J.M., Luchesse* M.C., Duval, T.P., 2011. Sphagnum moss moisture retention following the re-vegetation of degraded peatlands. Ecohydrology, 4(3): 359-366, doi:10.1002/eco.130.
  • Duval, T.P., Waddington, J.M, and Branfireun, B.A., 2010. Towards calcareous wetland creation in flooded abandoned aggregate quarries: a 3-year mesocosm experiment. Ecological Engineering, 36: 586-595, doi: 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2009.12.006.
  • Vidon, P., Allan, C., Burns, D., Duval, T.P., Gurwick, N., Inamdar, S., Lowrance, R., Okay, J., Scott, D., and Sebestyen, S., 2010.  Hot spots and hot moments in riparian zones: potential for improved water quality management. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 46: 278-298.
  • Dosskey, M., Gurwick, N, Lowrance, R, Vidon, P., Duval, T., and Allan, C., 2010.  The role of riparian vegetation in protecting and improving chemical water quality in streams. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 46: 261-277.
  • Hill, A.R. and Duval, T.P., 2009.  Beaver dams along an agricultural stream in southern Ontario, Canada: their influence on riparian zone hydrology and nitrogen chemistry.  Hydrological Processes, 23: 1324-1336.
  • Duval, T.P. and Hill, A.R., 2007.  Influence of base flow stream bank seepage on riparian zone nitrogen biogeochemistry. Biogeochemistry, 85: 185-199.
  • Duval, T.P. and Hill, A.R., 2006.  Influence of stream bank seepage during low flow conditions on riparian zone hydrology. Water Resources Research, doi:10.1029/2006WR004861, 12 pages.