Sue Ruddick, Professor


Home Campus:
U of T St. George


Contact Information:

Phone:    (416) 978-1589
Location: Room 5059, Sidney Smith Hall (100 St. George)


Research Interests:

  • Critical theory, philosophy (both continental and non-western)
  • UrbanNatures, Socionatures
  • Anti-racism, anti-colonialism
  • Social Marginalization


VIDEO – Ruddick, S. June 26 2014 Macherey’s Spinoza and the Problem of Composition in a Post-Human World. Presented at Brunel University 

Selected Publications:

Refereed Articles

  • Ruddick, S. (forth) “Governed as it were by chance. Monstrous infinitude and the problem of nature in the work of Spinoza” Philosophy Today.
  • Ruddick, S. (forth) “Situating the Anthropocene. Planetary Urbanization and the Anthropological Machine” Urban Geography.
  • Stephens, L., S. Ruddick, P. McKeever (forthcoming) “’Disability and Deleuze: An exploration ofbecoming and embodiment in children’s everyday environments” Body and Society
  • Ruddick, S. (forthcoming) “Renaturalizing the Subject: Re-imagining Worlds” Dialogues in Human Geography
  • Ruddick, S. (forthcoming) Planetary Urbanism and the worlding of the Anthropological Machine Urban Geography
  • Coralee McLaren, Sue Ruddick, Geoffrey Edwards, Tom Chau, Karl Zabjek, Patricia McKeever 2012. “Studying children’s movement in an integrated kindergarten classroom: Preliminary findings” Children Youth and Environments 22 (1): 145-177.
  • Ruddick, S. 2012. Power and the Problem of Composition Dialogues in Human Geography 2: 207-211
  • Ruddick, S. 2011. “A Dialectics of Encounter” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space Vol 29 p. 213-222. Appears as Translators Introduction in Hegel or Spinoza. 4
  • Macherey, P. trans. S. Ruddick 2011. “Hegel reads Spinoza” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space Vol 29 p. 223-236
  • Dixon, D. and S, Ruddick 2011. “Monstrous Irruptions” Cultural Geographies 18.4
  • Coralee McLaren, Geoffrey Edwards, Sue Ruddick, Tom Chau, Karl Zabjek, Patricia McKeever 2010. Kindergarten kids in motion: Rethinking inclusive classrooms for optimal learning Educational and Child Psychology
  • Ruddick, S. 2010. “Politics of Affect: Spinoza in the work of Negri and Deleuze” Theory, Culture, Society 27(4): 21-45
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  • Ruddick, S. 2007. “At the Horizons of the Subject: Neo-liberalism, Neo-conservatism and the Rights of the Child. Part One: From ‘knowing’ fetus to ‘confused’ child” Gender, Place and Culture 14(5) 513-526
  • Ruddick, S. 2007. “At the Horizons of the Subject: Neo-liberalism, Neo-conservatism and the Rights of the Child. Part Two: Parent, Caregiver, State” Gender, Place and Culture 14(6) 627-640
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  • Mike Davis with Sue Ruddick 1988. “Between a Rock and a Hammer: Civil Liberties in Los Angeles”.  New Left Review. 170, pages 37-60.
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  • Ruddick, S. and Ruth Fincher 1983.”Co-operative Housing and Decentralized Health Care in Quebec”. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. Vol.7, No.3, pages 44-71. (Equal contributors.)

Book Chapters

  • Ruddick, S. 2011. “Dialectics of Encounter” in Macherey, P. translated by S. Ruddick Hegel or Spinoza
  • Ruddick, S. 2010. “Cartographies of the Flesh” in Contested Bodies of Childhood andYouth Palgrave/MacMillan 2500 words
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  • Ruddick, S. 2004. “Domesticating Monsters: Cartographies of Difference and the Emancipatory City” Loretta Lees (editor) The Emancipatory City London: Sage Pages 23-39
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  • Macherey, P. translated by S. Ruddick 2011. Hegel or Spinoza. University of Minnesota Press.
  • Ruddick, S. 1996. Young and Homeless in Hollywood. Mapping Social Identities. London and New York, Routledge, 256 pages.

Research Clusters:
Cities and Everyday Life, Political Ecology, Political Spaces