Sean Field, Lecturer


Queen's (2016)

Other Degrees:
MSc (Guelph 2009)
BComm (Guelph 2006)

Contact Information:

Office: DV3247
Phone: 905-569-4384

Research Interests:

  • Economic Geography (globalization, industrial change, human-environment relations)
  • Food, agriculture & agrifood
  • Money, finance & trade
  • Biopolitics & public policy
  • Qualitative & quantitative methods

Teaching This Academic Year:

GGR209HF: Economic Geography
GGR325HS: Business and Industrial Geography
GGR333HS: Energy and Society
GGR333HS: Energy and Society
GGR365HS: Trade and Globalization

Selected Publications:

Field, Sean. 2017. “Examining the Influence of Intellectuals on Commodity Speculation” Geoforum 83 (July): 71-79; available from:

Field, Sean. 2016. “The financialization of food and the 2008–2011 food price spikes” Environment and Planning A 48 (11): 2272-2290; available from:

Massey, Jennifer and Sean Field.  2015.  “Can They Teach Each Other? The Restructuring of Higher Education and the Rise of Undergraduate Student “Teachers” in Ontario”.  Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs 1; available from:

Massey, Jennifer, Sean Field, Yolande Chan.  2014.  “Partnering for economic development: How town-gown relations impact local economic development in small and medium cities”  Canadian Journal of Higher Education 44 (2): 152-169.  Available at:

Field, Sean, Oliver Masakure and Spencer Henson.  2010.  “Rethinking localization – a low income country perspective: the case of Asian vegetables in Ghana”.  Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society 3: 261-275; available from:

Massey, Jennifer, Yolande Chan, Sean Field, Paul Smith.  2012.  “The Role of Career Services in Facilitating Local Economic Growth – Opening Doors to Students’ Understanding of Local Opportunities” in A Multi-Sectoral Approach to Career Development: A Decade of Canadian Research, Eds. Robert Shea and Rhonda Joy:  565-588.  Available at: