Mia Hunt, Postdoctoral Fellow


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK (2015)

Other Degrees:
MScPl, Urban Planning, University of Toronto (2008)
BFA, Design Art, Concordia University (2006)
Minor, Urban Studies, Concordia University (2006)

Deborah Leslie

Contact Information:

100 St. George Street, SS 5028
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5S 3G3


Research Interests:

  • Cultural geography
  • Visual culture
  • Creative methodologies and ethnographic practice
  • Material culture
  • Vernacular creativity
  • Urban politics and branding
  • Citizenship and difference

Selected Publications:

Hunt, Mia. (2016). A politics of the urban ordinary: The material ad hoc-ness of shops in London. GeoHumanities, 2(1): 255-275.

Hunt, Mia. (2015). Cartographies of place: Navigating the Urban [Book Review]. Canadian Journal of Urban Research, 24(1): 101.

Hunt, Mia. (2014). Urban photography/Cultural geography: Spaces, objects, events. Geography Compass, 8(3): 151-168.

Leslie, Deborah, Shauna Brail & Mia Hunt. (2014). Crafting an antidote to fast fashion: The case of Toronto’s independent fashion design sector. Growth and Change, 45(2): 222-239.

Rogers, Amanda, Chris Bear, Mia Hunt, Sarah Mills & Rebecca Sandover (Eds.). (2014). Special Thematic Interventions Section: The Impact Agenda and Human Geography in UK Higher Education. ACME, 13(1): 1-72.

Rogers, Amanda, Chris Bear, Mia Hunt, Sarah Mills & Rebecca Sandover. (2014). Intervention: The Impact Agenda and Human Geography in UK Higher Education. ACME, 13(1): 1-9.

Hunt, Mia (Ed.) & Amanda Rogers (Photos). (2014). Visualising Critical Pathways to Impact: Images from the RGS-IBG 2012 Impact Sessions. ACME, 13(1): 10-18.

Leslie, Deborah, Mia Hunt & Shauna Brail. (2013). Social inclusion and talent attraction in artistic networks in Toronto. In: Seeking Talent for Creative Cities: The Social Dynamics of Economic Innovation, Jill Grant (Ed.). Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 59-76.

Leslie, Deborah & Mia Hunt. (2013). Securing the neoliberal city: Discourses of creativity and priority neighbourhoods in Toronto, Canada. Urban Geography, 34(8): 1171-1192.

Leslie, Deborah & Mia Hunt. (2012). Home environments: Aesthetics, fashion, status. In: The International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, Susan J. Smith (Ed.). Oxford: Elsevier.

Hunt, Mia & John Zacharias. (2008). Marketing the imaginary of Montreal’s (Gay) Village. Canadian Journal of Urban Research, 17(1): 28-57.

Hunt, Mia. (2008). Accommodating social diversity in the gentrified city: Making space for families. Progressive Planning, 174: 14-18.

Research Clusters:
Cities and Everyday Life, Political Spaces