Maxwell Hartt, Postdoctoral Fellow


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

Planning, University of Waterloo, Canada (2016)

Other Degrees:
MSc Systems Science, University of Ottawa, ON, Canada (2011)
Hons. BSc Mathematics, Saint Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS, Canada (2007)

Honours & Awards:
SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship
Fulbright Scholar (Tufts University)
SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship

Jason Hackworth

Contact Information:

100 St. George St., Sidney Smith Hall Rm 5068
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4S 3G3

Research Interests:

  • Shrinking cities
  • Aging
  • Economic decline
  • Demographic change
  • Complex systems
  • Urban dynamics

Selected Publications:

Hartt, M.D. & S. Biglieri. (2017) Prepared for the Silver Tsunami? An Examination of Municipal Old-Age Dependency and Age-Friendly Policy in Ontario, CanadaJournal of Urban Affairs (in press).

Hartt, M.D. (2017) The Diversity of North American Shrinking CitiesUrban Studies (in press).

Hartt, M.D. (2017) How Cities Shrink: Complex Pathways to Population Decline, Cities (in press).

Hartt, M.D. & J.F. Warkentin. (2017) The Development and Revitalisation of Shrinking Cities: A Twin City Comparison, Town Planning Review, 88 (1), pp. 29-41.

Hosseini, H. & M.D. Hartt. (2016) Game-based Learning in the University Classroom, Teaching Innovation Projects Journal, 6 (1).

Hartt, M.D. (2016) Shrinking Cities as an Urban Laboratory, Curb, 6 (2).

Hartt, M.D. (2015) Preparing Planners for Economic Decline and Population Loss: An Assessment of North American Planning Curriculums, Planning Forum, 16 (Spring), pp. 33-45.

Hartt, M.D. & J.F. Warkentin. (2015) Tension at the Heart of a Shifting City, Critical Planning, 22 (Fall), pp. 121-133.

Hartt, M.D. (2015) Our Aging, Shifting Population, Municipal World, 125 (9), pp. 7-10.

Hartt, M.D. & C.G. Woudsma. (2014) How Many and How Do We Know: Assessing Population Projection Methods in Ontario, Canadian Planning and Policy, 23 (1), pp. 83-97.

Hartt, M.D. (2014) An Innovative Technique for Modelling the Impacts of Coastal Storm Damage, Regional Studies, Regional Science, 1 (1), pp. 240-247.

Hartt, M.D. (2013) The Emerging Role of Community Leadership in Shrinking Cities, pp. 55-57 in Mobilising Regions: Territorial Strategies for Growth Compiled by D. Carl and L. Reynolds. Seaford: Regional Studies Association.

Hartt, M.D. Detroit: Coming to a City Near You? Municipal World, 123 (12), pp. 7-9.

Hartt, M.D. (2012) A Canadian Perspective on Shrinking Cities and the Evolution of Urban Change Theories, pp. 79-83 in Smart, Creative, Sustainable, Inclusive: Territorial Development Strategies in the Age of Austerity edited by A. Beauclair and E. Mitchell. Brighton: Regional Studies Association.