Ju Hui Judy Han, Assistant Professor


Home Campus:
U of T Scarborough

UC Berkeley (2009)

Other Degrees:
BA in English & Women's Studies, UC Berkeley (1995)

Cross Appointments:
Affiliated Faculty, Centre for the Study of Korea
Affiliated Faculty, Women and Gender Studies Institute
Core Faculty, Asia-Pacific Studies, Asian Institute, Munk School

Contact Information:

Phone: 416-208-2968
Location (UTSC): MW202 (Social Sciences Building)
Location (St. George): Centre for the Study of Korea/Munk School of Global Affairs
1 Devonshire Place, Room 265S
Email:     judy.han@utoronto.ca

Personal Website: http://www.judyhan.com/

Research Interests:

  • Religion and secularisms
  • Travel and mobilities
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Urban political geography
  • East Asia (Korea)

My inquiries generally concern deeply held intentionalities and affective charge—repulsion, faith, animosity, a sense of purpose, aspiration, and empathy—and how they play out not only in spectacular ways like mass prayer rallies and public protests but also in ordinary, everyday practices. My work engages with theories of difference, inequality, and power, whether in megachurch construction projects, faith-based and conscientious objection to military conscription, or evangelical missionary mobilities.

I publish an online journal called On the Move: an undergraduate journal of creative geographies.

Teaching This Academic Year:

GGRC56: Spaces of Travel: Unsettling Migration, Tourism, and Everyday Mobilities (UTSC, Fall 2015)
GGRB03: Writing Geography (UTSC, Winter 2016)
GGR1811H: Troubling Militarism: Space, Affect, Economy (Graduate seminar co-taught with Prof. Deborah Cowen,Winter 2016.)

Selected Publications:

Journal Articles
  • 한주희. 2015. 퀴어 정치와 퀴어 지정학. 문화/과학 83: 62-81.
    Han, JHJ. 2015. Queer Politics and Queer Geopolitics. Munhwa/Kwahak 83: 62-81. In Korean. PDF
  • Chun, JJ. and Han, JHJ. 2015. Language travels and global aspirations of Korean youth. positions: asia critique 23 (3): 565-593. Link
  • Han, JHJ and Chun, JJ. 2014. Introduction: gender and politics in contemporary Korea. Journal of Korean Studies 19 (2): 245-255. Link
  • Han, JHJ. 2013. Beyond safe haven: a critique of Christian custody of North Korean migrants in China. Critical Asian Studies. Online
  • Han, JHJ. 2010. Neither friends nor foes: Thoughts on ethno­graphic dis­tance. Geoforum 41 (1): 11 – 14. Online
  • Han, JHJ. 2008. Missionary (comics). Aether: the Journal of Media Geography 3: 58 – 83. PDF
Book Chapters
  • Han, JHJ. 2015. Our Past, Your Future: Evangelical Missionaries and the Script of Prosperity. In Territories of Poverty: Rethinking North and South, eds. Ananya Roy and Emma Shaw Crane, 178–94. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press. PDF
  • Han, JHJ. 2015. Urban Megachurches and Contentious Religious Politics in Seoul. In Handbook of Religion and the Asian City: Aspiration and Urbanization in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Peter Van der Veer, 133–51. Berkeley: University of California Press. PDF
  • Han, JHJ. 2011. ‘If you don’t work, you don’t eat’: Evangelizing development in Africa. In New Millennium South Korea: Neoliberal Capital and Transnational Movements, ed. Jesook Song. London: Routledge. PDF
  • Han, JHJ. 2010. Reaching the unreached in the 10/40 Window: The missionary geoscience of race, difference and distance. In Mapping the end times: American evangelical geopolitics and apocalyptic visions, eds. Jason Dittmer and Tristan Sturm. Hampshire: Ashgate. PDF

Research Clusters:
Cities and Everyday Life, Political Spaces