Holly Croft, Research Associate


Administrative Position:
Research Associate

PhD Physical Geography, University of Exeter, UK (2010)

Other Degrees:
MSc Environmental Monitoring, Modeling and Reconstruction, University of Manchester (2006)
BSc (Hons) Physical Geography, University of Manchester, UK (2002)

Contact Information:

Office: 100 St. George St., SS 5047
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4S 3G3
Email: holly.croft@utoronto.ca

Personal Website: http://hollycroft.weebly.com/

Research Interests:

  • Remote sensing
  • Spatial statistics
  • Plant ecophysiology
  • Leaf biochemistry
  • Phenology
  • Carbon cycle

My research is focussed on applied remote sensing and spatial analysis for modelling and understanding terrestrial environmental processes. I am specifically interested in forested ecosystems and soil science and take an inter-disciplinary approach to understanding these systems, which combines field observations, laboratory analysis along with remote sensing technologies and GIS. My work uses a range of remotely-sensed data, from laser systems, ground-based field spectroradiometers, airborne imagery and space-borne satellites.


Selected Publications:

33.  Ma, Q. Chen, J.M. Li, Y. Croft, H. Zheng, T. And Luo, X. (Submitted) Approaches for using Sentinel-2A data for chlorophyll content estimation in a mixed deciduous forest.

32.  Chan, F.C.C. Arain, M.A. Khomik, M. Brodeur, J.J. Peichl, M. Restrepo-Coupe, N. Thorne, R. Beamesderfer, E. McKenzie, S. Xu, B. Croft, H. et al., (Submitted) Carbon, water and energy exchange dynamics of a young pine plantation forest during the initial fourteen years of growth.

31.  Croft, H.
 Chen, J.M. Mo, G. Luo, S. Luo, X. Arabian, J. Zhang, Y. Simic, A. Noland, T.L. He, Y. Homolová, L. Malenovský, Z. Yi, Q. Beringer, J. Amiri, R. Hutley, L. Arellano, P. Stahl, C. Bonal, D. (Submitted) ‘Global distribution of leaf chlorophyll content’

30.  He, L. Chen, J.M. Liu, J. Luo, X. Chen, B. Mo, G. Belair, S. Croft, H. (Submitted) A Parallel Package for Data Assimilation of Soil Moisture into a Land Surface Model.

29.  Luo, X. Chen, J.M. Liu, J. Black, T.A. Croft, H. Staebler, R. He, L. Altaf Arain, M.A. Chen, B. Mo, G. Gonsamo, A. McCaughey H. (Submitted) Upscaling from leaf to canopy using a two-leaf scheme for evapotranspiration estimation using coupled carbon-water modelling.

28.  He, L. Chen, J.M. Croft, H. Gonsamo, A. Luo, X. Liu, J. Liu, R. Liu, Y. (In press) Nitrogen availability dampens optimism for the positive impacts of CO2 fertilization on terrestrial ecosystem carbon and water cycles. Geophysical Research Letters

​27.  ​Luo, X. Croft. H. Chen, J.M. Bartlett, P. Staebler, R. Froelich, N. (2018) Incorporating leaf chlorophyll content into a two-leaf terrestrial biosphere model for estimating carbon and water fluxes at a forest site. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 248, 156-168

26.  Croft, H. and Chen, J.M. (2017) ‘Leaf Pigment Content’ In: Comprehensive Remote Sensing, Edition: Volume 3. Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Ecosystems, Chapter: 176, Publisher: Elsevier, Editors: Jing M Chen, Shunlin Liang, pp.26

25. Chou, S. Chen, J.M. Yu, H. Chen, B. Zhang, X. Croft, H. Khalid, S. Li, M. (2017) Canopy-level photochemical reflectance index from hyperspectral remote  sensing and leaf-level non-photochemical quenching as early indicators of  water stress in maize. Remote Sensing 9(8), 794

24.  Croft, H. Chen, J.M. Luo, X. Bartlett, P. Chen, B. Staebler, R. (2017) Leaf chlorophyll content as a proxy for leaf photosynthetic capacity. Global Change Biology 23(9), 1365-2486

23.  Dong, T. Liu, J. Qian, B. Jing, Q. Croft, H. Chen, J.M. Wang, J. Huffman, T. Shang, J. Chen, P. (2016) Deriving Maximum Light Use Efficiency From Crop Growth Model and Satellite Data to Improve Crop Biomass Estimation. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 10(1), 104-117.

22.  Chen, B. Arain, M.A. Chen, J.M. Croft, H. Grant, RF. Kurz, W.A. Bernier, P. Guindon, L. Price, D. Wanf, Z. (2016) Evaluating the impacts of climate variability and cutting and insect defoliation on the historical carbon dynamics of a boreal black spruce forest landscape in eastern Canada. Ecological Modelling 321, 98-109

21.  Chen, B. Liu, J. Chen, J.M. Croft, H. Gonsamo, A. He, L. Luo, X. (2016) Assessment of foliage clumping effects on evapotranspiration estimates in forested ecosystems. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 216, 82-92

20.   He, L.  Liu, J. Chen, J.M. Croft, H. Wang, R. Sprintsin, M. Zheng, T. Ryu, Y. Pisek, J. Gonsamo, A. Deng, F. and Zhang, Y. (2016) Inter-and intra-annual variations of clumping index derived from the MODIS BRDF product. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 44, 53-60.

19.  Croft, H. Chen, J.M. Froelich, N. Chen, B. and Staebler, R.M (2015) Seasonal controls of canopy chlorophyll content on forest carbon uptake: Implications for GPP modelling. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 120 (8), 1576-1586

18.  Froelich, N. Croft, H. Chen, J.M. Gonsamo, A. and Staebler, R.M (2015) Trends of carbon, water and energy fluxes over a mixed temperate–boreal transition forest in southern Ontario, Canada. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 211, 72-84

17.    Croft, H. Chen, J.M. Zhang, Y. Simic, A. Noland, T. and Nesbitt, N. (2015) Evaluating leaf chlorophyll content prediction from multispectral remote sensing data within a physically-based modelling framework.  ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 102, 85-95

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1.      Croft, H. Anderson, K. and Kuhn, N.J. (2009) Characterising soil surface roughness using a combined structural and spectral approach. European Journal of Soil Science, 60(3): 431-442

Research Clusters:
Climate Processes and Climate and Carbon Cycle Modelling