Christian Abizaid, Associate Professor


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

McGill University

Other Degrees:
MA McGill University
Licenciatura (Honors Equivalent), Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico)

Cross Appointments:
With School of the Environment
Also affiliated with Latin American Studies (LAS)

Honours & Awards:
Board of Directors, Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers (CLAG), 2014-2020

Contact Information:

On research leave 2017-18

Joint Appointment with School of the Environment
Department of Geography and Planning | Room 5055, Sidney Smith Hall (100 St. George Street) |
Toronto ON, M5S 3G3 | Tel: 416.978.3373 | Fax: 416.946.3886 |

Research Interests:

  • Environment and development
  • Indigenous and peasant livelihoods and resource use in Latin America
  • Vulnerability and resilience
  • Rural poverty
  • Forest and biodiversity conservation
  • Social networks
  • Neotropical forests; mainly Amazonia and Mexico


Teaching This Academic Year:

On Leave July 2017-June 2018




Current Students:

Jennifer Langill (with Ryan Isakson), MA, Geography

Laura Bryson, MSc, Geography & Environmental Studies, 2016

Alyssa Scott, MA, Geography & Environmental Studies, 2016

Marie-Line Sarrazin, MA, Geography & Environmental Studies, 2015

Jeanine McManus, MES

Selected Publications:

Abizaid, C. and J. McManus. 2017. A comparison of commercial and subsistence fisheries in the Amazon: A systematic review from Brazil and Peru (under review)

Abizaid, C., O.T. Coomes, Y. Takasaki and J. P. Arroyo-Mora. 2017. “Rural social networks along Amazonian rivers: seeds, labor and soccer among rural communities on the Napo River, Peru”, The Geographical Review doi: 10.1111/gere.12244   [abstract] [figure illustration]

Abizaid, C., O.T. Coomes, and M. Perrault-Archambault. 2016. Seed sharing in Amazonian indigenous rain forest communities: a social network analysis in three Achuar villages, Peru. Human Ecology 44(5): 577-594.

Coomes, O.T., Y. Takasaki, C. Abizaid and J.P. Arroyo-Mora. 2016. “Environmental and market determinants of economic orientation among rain forest communities: evidence from a large-scale survey in western Amazonia”, Ecological Economics 129: 260-271.

Webster, K., J.P. Arroyo-Mora, O.T. Coomes, Y. Takasaki and C. Abizaid. 2016. “A cost path and network analysis methodology to calculate distances along a complex river network in the Peruvian Amazon”, Applied Geography 73:13-25.

Abizaid, C., O.T. Coomes, Y. Takasaki, and S. Brisson. 2015. Social network analysis and peasant agriculture: cooperative labor as gendered relational networks. The Professional Geographer 67(3): 447-463.

Takasaki, Y., O.T. Coomes, C. Abizaid, and S. Brisson. 2014. An efficient nonmarket institution under imperfect markets: labor sharing for tropical forest clearing. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 96(3): 711-732. Also included in AJAE Virtual Issue: Development Economics.

Coomes, O.T., Y. Takasaki, C. Abizaid and B. Barham. 2010. Floodplain fisheries as natural insurance for the rural poor in tropical forest environments: evidence from Amazonia. Fisheries Management and Ecology 17: 513-521.

Coomes, O.T., C. Abizaid and M. Lapointe. 2009. Human modification of a large meandering Amazonian river: genesis, ecological and economic consequences of the Masisea cutoff on the central Ucayali, Peru. Ambio 38(3): 130-34.

Abizaid, C. 2005. An anthropogenic meander cutoff along the Ucayali River, Peruvian Amazon. The Geographical Review 95(1): 122-134.

Abizaid, C. and O.T. Coomes. 2004. Land use and forest fallowing dynamics in seasonally dry tropical forest in the southern Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico. Land Use Policy 21(1): 71-84.



Research Clusters:
Nature, Society and Environmental Change