Anna Kramer, Assistant Professor CLTA


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

University of Waterloo

Other Degrees:
MArch, Dalhousie University

Contact Information:

Location: Room 5063, Sidney Smith Hall
100 St. George St.
Toronto, ON M5S 3G3
phone: (416) 978-3236

Research Interests:

  • Social justice and access to the city
  • Transit networks and land use
  • Spatial and economic perspective
  • How cost and affordability limit access to the city
  • How the benefits of transit networks are distributed across the population

Teaching This Academic Year:

  • PLA 2000F Advanced Planning Theory
  • PLA 1105S Planning Decision Methods II
  • JPG 1812Y Planning for Change (with Rick DiFrancesco)
  • GGR 424S Transportation Geography and Planning.

Selected Publications:

Refereed Articles 

  • Moos, M., Mendez, P., McGuire, L., Wyly, E., Kramer, A., Walter-Joseph, R., and Williamson, M. 2016. More continuity than change? Re-evaluating the contemporary socio-economic and housing characteristics of suburbs. Canadian Journal of Urban Research.
  • Filion, P; Kramer, A. 2011. Metropolitan-scale planning in neoliberal times: Financial and political obstacles to urban form transition.   Space and Polity 15: 197-212.
  • Filion, P; Kramer, A. 2011. Transformative metropolitan development models in large Canadian urban areas: The predominance of nodes. Urban Studies, 1-28.

Book Chapers

  • Kramer, A; Mettke, C. in Thomas, R. (ed.) The death and life of ‘Transit City’ – searching for sustainable transportation in Toronto’s inner suburbs. 2016. Planning Canada: A Case Study Approach. Toronto: Oxford University Press Canada
  • Transforming Toronto: Implementation and Impacts of Urban Models.  2010. Filion, P; Kramer, A. in Smit, A & Valiente, M. (eds.)  Private Property, Planning and the Public Interest. Vancouver: UBC Press