Amy Mui, Lecturer


Home Campus:
U o f T Mississauga

University of Toronto

Other Degrees:
MSc University of Sydney, Australia
BSc (Hons) University of Guelph

Contact Information:

University of Toronto Mississauga
3359 Missisauga Road North
Davis Building
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 905-569-4384

Personal Website:

Research Interests:

  • Remote sensing/GIS for biodiversity monitoring;
  • Ecological modeling;
  • Threatened species conservation;
  • Wildlife movement/telemetry;
  • Active learning techniques in higher education;
  • Instructional technology for student engagement

Teaching This Academic Year:

  • GGR272: Digital Mapping & Principles of Cartography
  • GGE311: Landscape Biogeography
  • GGR337: Environmental Remote Sensing
  • GGR464: Advanced Remote Sensing

Selected Publications:

Murfitt, J., He, Y., Mui, A., Yang, J., and Demille, K. 2016. Ash Decline Assessment in Emerald Ash Borer Infested Natural Forests Using High Spatial Resolution Images. Remote Sensing. 8(3): 256

Mui, A., Edge, C.B., Paterson, J., Caverhill, B., Johnson, B., Litzgus, J.D., and He, Y. 2015. Nesting sites in agricultural landscapes may reduce the reproductive success for Blanding’s turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) populations. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 94(1): 61-67.

Mui, A., Nelson, S., He, Y., and Wilson, K. 2015. Development of an effective web-based platform for geospatial lab practicums: a gateway to enhanced learning. Journal of Geography in Higher Education. 39(3): 356-368.

Mui, A., He, Y and Weng, Q. 2015. An object-based approach to delineate wetlands across landscapes of varied disturbance with high spatial resolution satellite imagery. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 109: 30-46.

He, Y and Mui, A. 2010. Scaling up Semi-Arid Grassland Biochemical Content from the Leaf to the Canopy Level: Challenges and Opportunities. Sensors, 10: 11072-11087.

He, Y., Khan, A. and Mui, A. 2010. Integrating Remote Sensing and Wavelet Analysis for Studying Fine-Scaled Spatial Variation among Three Different Ecosystems. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, 78(2): 161-168.