Kuo-Hsien Chang, Postdoctoral Fellow


Administrative Position:
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Post-Doctoral Fellow

Home Campus:

Ph.D., Land Resource Science, University of Guelph, Canada (2011)

Other Degrees:
Ph.D., Ecology, Colorado State University, USA (2007)
M.Sc, Atmospheric Physics, National Central University, Taiwan (2005)
B.Sc, Atmospheric Sciences, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan (2001)

Contact Information:

Office: Room 307B, PGB (45 St. George St.)
Phone: (416) 946-7715
email: changk@geog.utoronto.ca


Personal Website: http://individual.utoronto.ca/changkuo

Research Interests:

  • Terrestrial carbon cycle
  • Soil-based greenhouse gas emissions
  • Crop phenology
  • Long-range transport of air pollution
  • Process-based land surface model

Environmental change is one of the most significant challenges we face over the coming century, especially for vulnerable ecosystems and island nations. Since 2000, I started to focus on the interrelationship between climate change and socioeconomic impact. My previous works have the influential power on establishment of real-time radioactive observation/warning system and policy towards sustainable development. These improvements and positive feedbacks were motivating my life for our beautiful planet earth and a better life.

I would like to apply process-based models and field measurements for a better understanding of interactions between the atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems. The gaps between modeling assumption and field technique limitation require a sound coupling. In the future, I like to extend my research area from agro-ecosystems to sensitive ecosystems in East Asia. The impacts of long-range transport of air pollutants and trace gases on downwind ecosystems can be revealed by using a creative experiment design, such as the stable isotope method, transport model and multi-agent observation systems. The international corporation project in East Asia will integrate the my previous academic experiences in Canada, U.S. and Taiwan.


Selected Publications:


Ph.D. (2011)

K. Chang. Modeling carbon dynamics for agriculture and deciduous forest ecosystem using the process-based model DayCENT and CN-CLASS. Doctoral Thesis of School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph, Canada, 2011

M.Sc (2003)

K. Chang. The evaluation of atmospheric long-range transportation of radioactive particles in East Asia. Master Thesis of Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Institute of Atmospheric Physics, National Central University, Taiwan, 2003.



K. Chang, N. Lin, and C. Peng. Long-range transport of Cs-137 radioactive particles from nuclear accidents in East Asia: an assessment on Taiwan. Aerosol and Air Quality Research (submitted), 2011.

K. Chang, J. Warland, P. Bartlett, M. Arain, and F. Yuan. Modeling crop phenology in a process-based land surface scheme : CN-CLASS. Ecological Modeling (submitted), 2011.

K. Chang, J. Warland, R. Voroney, P. Bartlett, and C. Wagner-Riddle. Using DayCENT to simulate carbon dynamics in conventional and no-till agriculture. Soil and Tillage Research (submitted), 2010.

J. Liu and  K. Chang. The possibility cooperative operation of policy on county towards sustainable development. EPA Report EPA-94-E102-02-210, Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency, 2006.

E. Chen and  K. Chang. A study to reevaluate the status of used oils recycling and reuse. EPA Report EPA-94-HA11-03-A045,  Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency, 2005.

K. Chang and N. Lin. Risk assessment of long-range transport radioactive particles from nuclear power stations in East Asia. Monthly Navy Academia, 38(11-12):1020, 2004.

K. Chang and J. Yu. The impact of monsoon on economy and environment in Taiwan. Technical report, National Science Council, 2001.

K. Chang, J. Warland, P. Bartlett, and M. Arain. Examination of respiration algorithms in CN-CLASS for a temperate deciduous forest. Ecological Modeling (in preparation), 2011.