Finding a PhD Supervisor

Applicants for the PhD program are expected to contact prospective supervisors at the time of application. Potential supervisors names must be listed within the application documents (departmental information form).

The faculty members listed below are just a few of the prospective supervisors who are actively recruiting new graduate students. To find out about the research interests of other faculty members, please review our full faculty listing.

Amrita Daniere
I am able to welcome students interested in working on urban climate change resilience in Southeast Asian cities. The UCRSEA project is focused on applied research based in secondary cities of Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Alexandra Flynn
I will be considering applicants for graduate study at the Masters or PhD level. The areas I am interested in are: the design, operation and jurisdictions of local governments, including municipalities, agencies, boards, commissions and First Nations, focusing in particular on the following:
– How legislation affects the capacity of local governments to affect change, especially in the areas of housing, homelessness and community planning
– The overlap and interplay of governance bodies, and the corresponding implications for effective decision-making
– Tools and processes for political participation and civic engagement, focusing on how such tools and processes affect local government decision-making
– The relationships between municipalities and First Nations on matters of overlapping concern, especially planning
– Land management systems, including trusts and common property regimes (including comparative work)
I will be looking for applicants who have background or research interests in these topic areas. I especially welcome those who have had a combination of professional and academic experience. Please feel free to send me any thoughts you have about your work and interests.

Kanishka Goonewardena
I am open to supervising students with a strong interest in critical theory and intellectual history concerning such topics as capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and urbanism; or thinkers such as Henri Lefebvre, Walter Benjamin, Antonio Gramsci, Louis Althusser, Frantz Fanon, C. L. R. James and Samir Amin. My areas of expertise include architecture, urban studies and critical theory–especially the Marxist and anti-colonial traditions in relation to state, capital and everyday life–and my current work is generally located somewhere around the intersection of capitalism, colonialism and the production of space.

John Miron
I am looking for students with a background in economics or political theory and interested in how purposeful behavior shapes the organization of the urban economy.