Finding a Supervisor

Applicants are expected to contact prospective supervisors at the time of application. Potential supervisors names must be listed within the application documents (in the research statement form).

The faculty members listed below are just a few of the prospective supervisors who are actively recruiting new graduate students. To find out about the research interests of other faculty members, please review our full faculty listing.

Christian Abizaid
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I welcome inquiries particularly from students interested in working in one of my two ongoing research projects on rural livelihoods in the Peruvian Amazon. The first project examines how rainforest households respond to rapid environmental change. The second is a collaborative effort, known as the Peruvian Amazon Rural Livelihoods and Poverty (PARLAP) Project, which seeks to understand patterns of rural settlement in the Peruvian Amazon and the implications of location for rainforest conservation and poverty. Students with a broader interest in cultural/political ecology, rural livelihoods and their prospects for conservation and development, poverty alleviation and adaptation to environmental change in Latin America should also feel free to contact me directly. Inquiries from students with an interest in field-based research, research or travel experience in Latin America, a working knowledge of Spanish, and a focus on tropical forests are strongly encouraged.

Matthew Adams
Looking for: MSc and PhD students
Dr. Adams is accepting qualified MSc and PhD students with interests in the spatial analysis of air pollution exposure and environmental pollution modelling. Our focus is individuals’ exposure to air contaminants in the urban environment. Research outputs cross between the social and natural sciences, leveraging and advancing spatial analysis; while helping to understand social science problems, such as examining the relationship of human behaviour and the built environment on exposure. We are currently emphasising children’s exposure and air pollution conditions at schools.  The ideal candidate will have a strong background in GIS, spatial analysis, and statistics. As well, experience with programing (R and Python) or a willingness to learn.

Ahmed Allahwala
Looking for: MA students
Professor Allahwala is interested in supervising MA Geography students working on issued related to youth, education, urban social policy, and community-based participatory research.

Harald Bathelt
Looking for: PhD students
I welcome applications by economic geography students interested in topics surrounding knowledge generation over distance, dynamics of industrial clustering, or socioeconomic impacts of regional, industrial and institutional change. Further information about my research can be found at

Laurel Besco
Looking for: MA students
I am actively recruiting students interested in two areas: 1) Policies to mitigate climate change impacts from aviation and 2) The role of corporate environmental norms in improving energy efficiency.

Michelle Buckley
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I am interested in prospective graduates with an interest in a) studying the gendered, racialized and differentiated working lives of people in cities, including migrant workers; b) research that helps to conceptualize and theorize the role of work and labour in contemporary urbanization processes, or c) studies of construction work and construction workers in urban labour markets. I am best able to supervise students who wish to explore these issues using Marxist, intersectional, postcolonial or feminist intellectual frameworks.

Ron Buliung
Looking for: MA, MSc, PhD students
Professor Buliung is currently looking for students with interests in the following topics: disability studies, traffic injury, child and youth geography, cycling. Students with a background in either qualitative or quantitative methods are welcome to apply.

Jing Chen
Looking for: MSc, PhD students
I am looking for students interested in the areas of vegetation remote sensing and regional and global carbon and water cycle estimation using remote sensing inputs.

Tenley Conway
Looking for MSc, PhD students
I am looking for one or more graduate students interested in urban environmental management, socio-ecological systems, and/or urban forests to work on a SSHRC funded project surveying urban residents about their knowledge, attitudes and actions related to specific green infrastructure features. This is part of a larger project looking to identify barriers to a green infrastructure approach and effective solutions. Green infrastructure has the potential to address growing urban challenges, including storm water management and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Recent research has explored instillation, function and benefits of green infrastructure, while many municipalities are incorporating it into storm water and other related policy. In many cities, residents’ participation in green infrastructure initiatives is needed given the overall proportion of residential land and the space to install green infrastructure on many properties. However, the little research conducted on this topic suggests that residents are unfamiliar with a green infrastructure approach. As a result, the willingness and ability of residents to adopt green infrastructure is unclear.

The project will contribute to a better understanding of fine-scale urban socio-ecological dynamics, as well as on-going discussions in the urban environmental management and urban forestry literatures. There will be opportunities to network with NGO and government partners contributing to the project, as well as international research collaborators.

Tim Duval
Looking for: MSc, PhD students
I am looking for highly motivated MSc and PhD students interested in hydrology and biogeochemistry, particularly in urban or urbanizing environments. Our research group is primarily field-based, working in streams and wetlands to study water-soil-plant interactions and the nutrient transformations as a result of those interactions. Research topics for incoming students include new projects on groundwater-surface water interactions and nutrient cycling in suburbanizing streams, analysis of changing stream discharge and precipitation trends, and existing projects on stormwater management pond hydrology and biogeochemistry.

Mike Ekers
Looking for: PhD students
I am interested in how debates in political ecology, agrarian studies and social theory can help in understanding the making and contestation of different environmental landscapes. My research focuses on the political economy of alternative agriculture and labour, investments in land and infrastructure as responses to crises and the work of Antonio Gramsci. I welcome inquiries from students interested in any of these areas, broadly conceived, and who are keen to blend substantive qualitative and ethnographic research with different theoretical debates.

Steve Farber
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I am looking for students interested in urban transportation, time use, and social participation and inclusion. Students should be eager to work with large geospatial datasets, apply spatial and econometric models of travel and activity behaviour, and have a background in urban geography, transportation, economics, civil engineering, computer science, or other cognate fields. Successful students will be eligible for generous funding from external projects and grants.

Sarah Finkelstein
Looking for: PhD students
I am seeking one PhD student with interests in Quaternary science, paleoclimatology and paleoecology to further develop our group’s investigations of sub-till organic deposits of Pleistocene age in Northern Ontario and Northern Manitoba. These deposits provide important archives of Pleistocene interglacial and interstadial environments and we are using them to better understand ice sheet dynamics, climate forcing, peatland dynamics and carbon cycling through the Quaternary ice ages. Applicants must have an MSc in Quaternary science (or related discipline) with expertise in geochronology, Quaternary stratigraphy, Quaternary paleoclimate, and/or proxy-based reconstructions using pollen or other microfossils. The incumbent must also be comfortable with field work in remote regions, lab work for sediment processing, and be willing to learn skills for quantitative analyses of resulting datasets using multivariate and spatial statistics.

Alexandra Flynn
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I am beginning a new research project that explores Indigenous–municipal relationships in the land-use planning process, and how these relationships can and should inform a possible municipal duty to consult. This two-year project will explore the meaning of “consultation” within and among Indigenous and municipal communities. The project has two key assumptions: first, that Indigenous capacities, knowledges, and legal orders must be incorporated into municipal planning processes; and, second, that a broad range of consultation practices and relationships already exist among Indigenous and municipal
governments, and that the development of any municipal duty must consider and acknowledge such relationships.I am looking for a graduate student who is interested in working with me on this project.

Kanishka Goonewardena
Looking for: PhD students
I am open to supervising students with a strong interest in critical theory and intellectual history concerning such topics as capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and urbanism; or thinkers such as Henri Lefebvre, Walter Benjamin, Antonio Gramsci, Louis Althusser, Frantz Fanon, C. L. R. James and Samir Amin. My areas of expertise include architecture, urban studies and critical theory–especially the Marxist and anti-colonial traditions in relation to state, capital and everyday life–and my current work is generally located somewhere around the intersection of capitalism, colonialism and the production of space.

Yuhong He
Looking for: MSc, PhD students
Fully-funded MSc and Ph.D. positions are available at the Remote Sensing and Spatial Ecosystem Modeling laboratory (the RSSEM Lab; The candidates will develop new techniques for quantifying vegetation stress using the latest remote sensing technology. Some of the data will be collected using unmanned aerial vehicles or helicopters carrying hyperspectral sensors, multispectral sensors, as well as thermal sensors. Qualifications: 1) sincere interest in remote sensing and vegetation ecology; 2) strong quantitative skills; 3) remote sensing skills, or the ability to learn them quickly; and 4) excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Applicants should send a letter of enquiry and curriculum vitae to Prof. Yuhong He (

Paul Hess
Looking for: PhD students
I am interested in working with students working on issues of active transportation broadly, and pedestrian enviroments and design, changing street design, and streets as public space in particular. I welcome students using a variety of approaches including historical, institutional, policy and design evaluation, and social equity. I also have a regional interest in Mexico and Latin America.

Mark Hunter
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I am particularly interested in working with students studying the global South, especially South Africa. I have worked on HIV/AIDS, sexuality, education, and am beginning a new project on heroin addiction. For more information please see the following link.

Marney Isaac
Looking for: MSc, PhD students
I welcome applications from graduate students with broad interests in environmental science, agroecology and environmental geography. My research focuses on the biogeochemistry and ecophysiology of multi-functional agricultural landscapes in both temperate and tropical environments. Current projects include the study of i) biophysical interactions in agroecosystems, specifically nutrient cycling and plant strategies along various abiotic gradients, and more broadly ii) the relationship between agriculture and environmental services. I also supervise a research program on the human dimension of agroecosystem management, with particular attention on formation and consequences of agricultural networks.

Ryan Isakson
Looking for: MA, PhD students
Broadly, my research focuses upon the political economy of agrarian development, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean. I am currently working on two overlapping projects and welcome inquiries from students with similar interests. My primary project focuses upon the ‘financialization of food and agriculture’. I am particularly interested in the interplay between the recent promotion of derivatives (including conventional commodity futures or new-fangled weather derivatives that have been bundled as ‘index-based agricultural insurance’) and the vulnerability of peasant producers to environmental and economic stresses. (This project is outlined in my 2015 article in Journal of Agrarian Change.) My secondary project focuses upon the cultivation of agricultural biodiversity and its role in peasant livelihoods, risk management, and food sovereignty. I am particularly interested in working with students who speak Spanish could potentially fund graduate research related to the two projects described above, especially in the Guatemalan context.

Nicole Klenk
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I am recruiting students who are interested in the science-policy interface, stakeholder engagement in research and environmental governance.

Vincent Kuuire
Looking for : MA, PhD students
I am seeking interested graduated students who want to work in any of the following research areas: Immigrant health and wellbeing in Canada; Transnational engagements and immigrant integration in Canada; Health care access in sub-Saharan Africa (particularly older people’s access to health care); Connections between urbanization, economic transformation and non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. I may also be willing to supervise students with general interests in health and migration geographies. Potential students are encouraged to contact me to discuss their research ideas and interests.

Igor Lehnherr
Looking for: MSc, PhD students
I welcome motivated graduate students interested in physical geography, biogeochemistry and environmental science. My research uses ecosystem-scale field studies, controlled experiments, and emerging analytical techniques to understand how contaminants and climate change impact aquatic ecosystems, particularly in the Canadian Arctic and boreal ecoregions. Current and potential projects include: i) reconstructing long-term trends in atmospheric mercury concentrations and emissions using tree-rings, ice cores and lake sediment cores; ii) quantifying ecosystem metabolism (primary production and respiration) in ice-covered Arctic lakes; iii) impacts of climate change on mercury cycling and methylmercury production in Arctic ecosystems; and iv) climate change impacts on lake and watershed biogeochemistry (carbon and nutrient cycling) in northern regions.

Jane Liu
Looking for: MSc, PhD students
I welcome graduate students interested in environmental issues related to our atmosphere, biosphere, and/or interactions between them. I welcome inquires from self-motivated students with one or more backgrounds in geography, atmospheric science, environmental science, ecology, engineering, physics, mathematics, and other related disciplines.

Carl Mitchell
Looking for: PhD students
I am actively recruiting a student with a strong hydrology and biogeochemistry background to work collaboratively with industry partners on managing mercury pollution within the forestry industry. The research will involve field work in northern Ontario and advanced laboratory work (with training) on the Scarborough campus. Experience or past course work in environmental modelling would be an asset.

John Miron
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I am currently working in the area of “Transportation and the Regional Economy”. I would be happy to supervise students with interests in this area and an ability/interest in transportation modelling.

Trevor Porter
Looking for: MSc, PhD students
I am seeking graduate students (1 PhD and 1 MSc) to join my group to work on field-based research projects in NW Canada and Alaska related to paleoclimatic change. If your interests align with my research program (see website –, please e-mail me with your CV and statement of interest.

Scott Prudham
Looking for: PhD students
Applications are welcome from student seeking to work broadly in the areas of political economy and environment and/or in political ecology. Students specifically interested in topics dealing with conjoined dynamics of social differentiation and environmental change in agriculture or natural resource sectors are particularly encouraged to apply to work with me.

John Robinson
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I am looking for grad students interested in large-scale community engagement, and in sustainable buildings and cities.

Sue Ruddick
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I am recruiting motivated MA and PhD students to work with me on a SSHRC funded project on human-wildlife relations and an emerging project on the more-than-human commons. The SSHRC project is centered on the Greater Toronto Area and looks at non-profit, public and private sector, as they express competing concepts of value; foster affective relations of fear, conviviality, and concern for different species, or even their active un-imagining. We also investigate the long durée of evolving relations between settlers and species, and the role certain species (e.g. bears) have played in construction of settler identity and sedimentation of an urban-wilderness boundaries. (Contact me about The WildCity Project for more information). In the project on the more-than-human commons I will be working with a team of scholars over a three year period to undertake a deliberative engagement of literatures of “the commons” (with special attention to conflicting approaches, and critical, anti-racist and indigenous perspectives on commoning) in conversation with literatures on “more-than-human geographies.” The approach, grounded in epistemic pluralism will investigate the analytical potential of these approaches to inform strategies that support spaces of mutual thriving for humans and wildlife – a “more-than-human” commons. The project will include a series of pilot studies in the Greater Toronto Area.

Sarah Wakefield
Looking for: MA students
I would be pleased to speak with students who have an interest in food systems and/or neighbourhood redevelopment in Canada about their interests.

Alan Walks
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I am recruiting grad students who are proposing to examine pertinent issues related to the geography of financialization in Canada, including questions related to housing markets, foreclosures, payday lenders, automobile lending, and related topics.

Michael Widener
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I’m recruiting geographers with interests in food-related behaviours, transportation and time geography. Experience with statistical methods, coding, and GIS are highly desirable.

Kathi Wilson
Looking for: MA, PhD students
I am looking for students interested in issues related to immigration and settlement, access to health care services, Indigenous health and wellbeing, and older persons health.