Department Computer Labs

On the St. George Campus, the following facilities are available exclusively for Geography and Planning coursework and research
  • Graduate Students Computer Labs – Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George St., Rooms 613, 617 (Ground floor)
      • Available for graduate student use at any time, or for collaborative work –

    Updated October 10, 2017

    Base  Software Installed on all workstations Version
    Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 15.006.30354
    Adobe Flash Player 18 ActiveX
    ArcGIS 10.3.1 for Desktop 10.5
    ArcGIS Pro 2
    AutoCAD 2015 – English
    Autodesk App Manager 2016 2.0.0
    Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D 2015
    Autodesk Content Service
    Autodesk Desktop App
    Autodesk Featured Apps 2016 2.0.0
    Autodesk Material Library 2015
    Autodesk Material Library Base Resolution Image Library 2015
    Beyond 2020 Professional Browser 7.0 SP4 7.0.4
    Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 3.1.12020
    Citrix Authentication Manager
    Citrix Receiver (HDX Flash Redirection)
    Citrix Receiver 4.6
    Citrix Receiver Inside
    Citrix Receiver(Aero)
    Citrix Receiver(DV)
    Citrix Receiver(USB)
    Citrix Web Helper
    ENVI 5.0
    FARO LS 1.1.502.0 (64bit)
    Firefox  (LTR) 52.3.0 ESR
    FME Desktop 2016.1.3.1 (Build 16716 – win64) 7.23.16716
    GeoDa 1.1
    Google Chrome 60.0.3112.90
    Google Earth Pro
    IDL 8.2
    Java 8 Update 121 8.0.1210.13
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 4.6.01055
    Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 Server Management 2.2.0903.0
    Microsoft Office 64-bit Components 2013 15.0.4569.1506
    Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 15.0.4569.1506
    Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50907.0
    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client 11.0.2100.60
    Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2012 (x64) 11.0.2100.60
    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (x64) 10.0.50908
    Microsoft Word MUI (English) 2013 15.0.4569.1506
    Notepad++ (32-bit x86) 7.2.2
    PDF Architect 4
    Python 2.7.3 2.7.3
    QGIS 2.14.18 2.14.18
    R 3.3.2
    Rstudio 1.01.53
    SafeNet Authentication Client 9.0
    SketchUp 2017 17.1.174
    SketchUp Import 2016 2.0.0
    VLC media player 2.2.4
    Please be aware that some software is only available on a few workstations 
    due to licensing restrictions
    SSH617-1 Adobe CC SPSS24 fixed NVivo Pro 11
    SSH617-2 Adobe CC SPSS24 fixed NVivo Pro 11
    SSH617-3 Adobe CC SPSS24 fixed NVivo 10
    SSH617-4 Adobe CC SPSS24 fixed
    SSH617-5 Adobe CC SPSS24 fixed
    SSH617-6 Adobe CC SPSS24 fixed
    SSH617-7 Adobe CC SPSS24 concurrent
    SSH617-8 Adobe CC SPSS24 concurrent
    SSH617-9 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent
    SSH617-10 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent
    SSH617-11 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent
    SSH617-12 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent
    SSH617-13 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent
    SSH617-14 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent
    SSH617-15 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent


    SSH613-1 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent Nvivo Pro 11 Matlab
    SSH613-2 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent NVivo 10
    SSH613-3 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent Nvivo 10
    SSH613-4 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent
    SSH613-5 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent
    SSH613-6 ADOBE CS6 SPSS24 concurrent